Saturday, January 16, 2021

Spike Lee Calls Out Donald Trump’s Response to George Floyd Protests

Spike lee

*Spike Lee says President Donald Trump “will go down in history as the worst president of the United States of America,” over his response to the nationwide protests over George Floyd’s death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

In a June 7 interview with GQ U.K., Lee said “If this guy wins, the world is in peril. Not just the United States of America. The world.”

He also noted that Trump has Klansman “tendencies.”

Recalling the deadly 2017 white supremacist rally in Virginia, Lee added: “He sided with the Klan in Charlottesville. He’s sympathetic to their cause.”

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And when it comes to Trump’s staged photo-op in front of a Washington, D.C. church, Lee noted:  “The man looked very uncomfortable holding the bible. And the Bible looked uncomfortable being held by him.” 

Peaceful protesters were tear gassed to clear a path for Trump to walk across the street to the church where he held up a Bible. 

“He was on some Gen. George Patton, John Wayne, bullshit! I mean, it was unbelievable. The whole thing was staged. You know, tear gas a peaceful crowd, give a speech and then walk from the White House to the church,” said Lee.

He also blames the president for escalating racial tensions in the country.

“I’m not trying to get him off the hook. He’s turned it up. He’s turned up the flames,” Lee added. 

The Academy Award-winning director also had this to say about Black folks who will vote to reelect Trump this fall: “Well, there are some negroes [laughs] that have drunk or will drink the orange Kool-Aid that’s coming in November, but it’s a very, very small percentage, and I needed — we needed that,” Lee said Tuesday.

Ny MaGee
Ny MaGee is a screenwriter and freelance reporter from Chicago -- currently living in Los Angeles and covering A-list entertainment for various outlets, including She has worked for: Miramax, MTV & VH1, The Jim Henson Company, Hallmark Channel, Paramount Pictures, and for iconic indie film producer Roger Corman.



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