Saturday, October 23, 2021

Russell Simmons Rape Accuser Slams ‘Breakfast Club’ Over ‘Tone Deaf’ Interview [VIDEO]

*Russell Simmons appeared on the Breakfast Club recently to slam the sexual assault claims leveled against him in HBO Max’s “On the Record” documentary.

“I have not watched it,” he said, when asked if he has seen the doc. “I’m guilty—of having underwritten, supported, made soundtracks for, taken advantage of, and lived in a grossly unjust society. I helped write the song ‘I’m a Ho’ with Whodini. … I made the movie How to Be a Player and Bell Bellamy played me. So I know what I’m guilty of, and I’ve been unconscious as a playboy, and today the title is appropriate of ‘womanizer,’” Simmons said. “So I’m guilty of that. And you know, back then I thought it was a game.”

We reported earlier.. in “On the Record,” one of his accusers, Sil Lai Abrams, claims she was raped by Simmons in 1994. She recently slammed Simmons for moving to Bali to avoid being held accountable for his alleged sex crimes.

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“He is not the everyday Black man. He is a man that has been credibly accused of sexual misconduct and assault of at least twenty women that we know of. I wish that the statute of limitations of rape would be retroactive and that we could have that day in court….” said the activist.

Following Simmons’ appears on The Breakfast Club, Abrams called on the radio show for giving him a platform.

“Why do you carry water for this man?” she tweeted. “Why now? Why are you so tone deaf? You’re all complicit in ensuring that black women’s right to bodily autonomy continues to be denied. You’re also rape apologists.”

In a follow up post she wrote, “Stunts like what @breakfastclubam is pulling this morning by having Russell Simmons on to talk about *social justice of all things* is why it took over 25 years for R. Kelly to start to be held accountable for his serial predation of Black women and girls.”

Abrams previously shared her story about Simmons, so when someone on Twitter asked why she is “relitigating 30 year old stories,” she said “I wrote about the rape in my first and second books. 2007 and 2016 respectively.”

Ny MaGee
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