Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Kamala Harris Tells SiriusXM Rand Paul’s Delay of Anti-Lynching Bill is ‘Hurtful & Insulting’

Kamala Harris - Getty
Kamala Harris – Getty

*Today Sen. Kamala Harris spoke with SiriusXM Urban View host Karen Hunter of “The Karen Hunter Show about fighting for the anti-lynching legislation and said that Sen. Rand Paul’s delay of the bill “was hurtful, it was insulting, and it just makes a statement.”

Sen Harris to Karen Hunter: “Rand Paul on the day of George Floyd’s funeral decides to put a hold on it over a very insignificant issue..it’s literally not an obstacle. And I can’t tell you why. I really don’t actually have the answer to that. All I know is it was a very painful experience for both me and Senator Booker to have to go to the floor on the day of George Floyd’s.. on the day, Karen of this man’s funeral. To have to go into the United States Senate, and for me, as only the second black woman ever elected to the United States Senate. And we’re still fighting over whether lynching is a federal crime?! So, it was hurtful, it was insulting, and it just makes a statement about to your point, how far have we come and how far we have to go, and that it will not be easy.”

Senator Kamala Harris also spoke about ‘defunding the police’: “This conversation is about underfunding.. We have underfunded and frankly defunded public education in America. We need to do a better job in investing in economic opportunities and access to capital for small businesses in low-income communities and minority communities and black communities…And the problem with what we’ve been doing is that it’s upside down where we have confused the issue by thinking that to create safe communities, you need to put more cops on the streets. No, to create safe communities means to understand the causes of whatever crime it is that we see, which are usually about a lack of access to basic needs, like healthcare, like education, like access to capital and economic opportunities and jobs…We know that it is time to reimagine what we are doing in the interest of safety and healthy communities.”

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Sen. Kamala Harris – Sen. Rand Paul’s Delay of Anti-Lynching Bill ‘Hurtful & Insulting’

Sen. Kamala Harris – Defunding the Police





source: SiriusXM and “The Karen Hunter Show”





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