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Michael Jordan: NBA Icon’s 20-page Love Letter to Ex Sells for 25K at Auction

February 24, 1997: Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls.

*A decades-old handwritten love letter by Michael Jordan has emerged and many fans were shocked to see that he didn’t write it for his ex-wife, Juanita

Jordan poured his heart out in a 20-page letter to actress Amy Hunter, best known for hosting “Soul Train” and marrying Don Cornelius’ son, Tony.

Here more from TheGrio:

In 1989, Hunter was the object of Jordan’s attention, though he’d recently fathered a son with Juanita Vanoy, who he’d go on to be married to for 17 years. At the time he wrote the letter, Jordan, 26, was in his fifth NBA season. 

But Hunter, an actress, model, and TV host, was in a passionate relationship with the Bulls’ scoring whiz, as evidenced by him pouring his heart out in the letter. In it, he laments that he can’t continue their relationship despite the fact that he loves her.

Jordan and Vanoy had just had their oldest son Jeffrey, in November of 1988 and he references her and their son in the letter.  The two got married in September of 1989 in Las Vegas. 

Jordan penned the letter while on the road playing the Pistons in the Eastern Conference finals in Michigan in May of 1989, according to The Insider.

Hunter sold the letter 17 years ago, and it was sold again for $2560 in 2014, the report states.

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In the letter, Jordan writes: 

Amy when I met you I was in a transitional period in my life. I didn‘t want to settle down but I didn’t want to be alone. So I was looking for someone to keep me company. But no added pressure on me. But now looking back I couldn’t have that and be happy.

Amy I have learned that being in that situation you must be able to deal with a lot of opportunities. Opportunities in reference to women, opportunities in reference to business, opportunities in reference to status and everything that comes along with it. So you see I had everything a young man could ever dream about. Some people would say I was in heaven, but you know what I have learned from being in a situation that everybody would love to be in as a part of. You learn how to be selfish and hurt others. You become this way without even knowing it.

He goes on to tell Hunter that the made a mistake picking Jaunita over her. 

“Amy, if I was Michael Jordan, the ordinary man with a 9 to 5 job, then it wouldn’t be hard to admit my mistake,” Jordan wrote in the penciled letter. “But instead, I am the Michael Jordan who is put on the pedestal and viewed to be the perfect role model. A lot of people, not just kids, but whole families. Can you imagine the responsibilities I have to deal with.”

Jordan ends the letter by saying, “Amy, I will always love you until the day I die!”

Following his divorce from Juanita, Jordan married his second wife, Cuban-American model Yvette Prieto in 2013. They have 6-year-old twin girls.

Hunter reportedly divorced her hubby years ago and is said to be single. 

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