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Pastor John Gray on How Faith, Hope & Communication Are the Keys to Bridge Racial Divide

Pastor John Gray
DECATUR, GA – JULY 24: Pastor John Gray attends church service at The House Of Hope Atlanta on July 24, 2016 in Decatur, Georgia. (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)

*African American Pastor John Gray from South Carolina was a guest on SiriusXM’s “Joel Osteen Radio” who discussed how faith, hope and communication is the key to bridge this divide.

During the interview Pastor Gray said “Now more than ever, we need unifying voices of hope and healing, but those voices also must acknowledge that there are people that feel hopeless and have felt hopeless for years. And have felt disconnected and disenfranchised, and felt unable to access the same American dream that other people so easily enjoy. So I’ve got to love you, even though you don’t look like me, don’t come from where I come from. And I think this is a great moment in our nation’s history that could truly be the finest hour of the church. We know the devil wants to keep us divided. For a black man and a white man to be on SiriusXM right now, talking about justice and equality and honoring God and breaking down walls of division and denominationalism and the insecurities that come with the assumption that I’m already angry at you before you get to know me.”

Pastor John Gray
Pastor John Gray

He goes on to discuss the riots across America: “I want to stay submitted to your leadership. And I think the reason why is not just because of your heart for God’s people, but your heart for, and a commitment to diversity. And it’s not just something seen on the platform it’s modeled in how you lead. From an initial standpoint, the fact that we’re able to talk and to have discourse, for all of your listeners, I want to say this about my Pastor. I’ve said it so many times, but it bears repeating. The heart and the passion and his commitment to the kingdom and to creating a wide net of hope for all people is genuinely who he is. And to know that I’m a part of a church that prizes diversity on every level, means the world. And I think that level of commitment promotes understanding because we all didn’t grow up together and we need to have an honest conversation about that. Nobody needs to feel judged in that conversation. Every white person isn’t racist, every white person isn’t bad, just like every black person isn’t good. There are people who are rioting right now, and I understand the rage, but looting and all of that stuff is counterproductive, and it dishonors the memory of George Floyd and all those others who we believe died, unjustly. There’s a way to protest. There’s a way to express your anger. There’s a way to channel your rage. The Bible says ‘be angry, but do not sin.’ And so for believers, there is a voice that is needed. A centralized voice of leadership that says ‘injustice truly anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’ as Dr. King so eloquently stated. The important thing for all of your listeners to hear is that what’s happening right now is probably the single most important thing that can happen. That people from divergent backgrounds can sit at the table and have an honorable discourse about these areas.”

Creating A Wide Net Of Hope For All People Is Genuinely Who He (Joel Osteen) Is – Pastor John Gray

Now More Than Ever, We Need Unifying Voices Of Hope And Healing – Pastor John Gray on Joel Osteen Live




source: SiriusXM and Joel Osteen Radio.



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