Wednesday, December 8, 2021

‘We Don’t Want No Smoke’: How Young M.A Kept Fan from Getting Ticketed by Atlanta Cop (Video)

Young M.A. and fan in Atlanta
Young M.A. (R) and fan in Atlanta

*Rapper Young M.A came to the defense of a fan in Atlanta over the weekend after claiming that cops pulled the woman over for no reason.

In video of the incident reposted by DJ Akademiks, M.A. can be heard asking a white police officer, “What did she do?” as he told her the situation was “fine.”

“No, it ain’t fine. No, no, no, no, no,” M.A. replied. She asked him why the woman was pulled over for “blocking traffic” while they were speaking to each other. The rapper and several bystanders wanted to know why the police were calling for backup and asking to go into the woman’s trunk. “Ya’ll still ain’t say why though! Why did you pull her over though? She was not blocking no f—ing traffic!”

Later on in the clip, M.A. thanks the cops for letting the woman off with a warning and gives her fan a big hug before saying, “That’s how we stand, bro, that’s how we stand! They didn’t want to let her go, bro. She came up to me showing love as a fan, bro. And them n—s pulled her over ’cause she was in the middle of traffic. And we all pulled up, five cars deep, on police! We in Atlanta right now. We don’t want no smoke, we don’t want no problems. But you’re not gonna do that to my fans, bro.”

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#YoungMA helps a fan out that was pulled over by police in Atlanta

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