Saturday, August 13, 2022

Kevin Hart is the Life Coach You Never Knew You Needed [EUR Exclusive]

kevin hart

*Kevin Hart is ready to be your life coach. 

The comedian teamed with Audible to release his motivational tips and rules that he hopes will inspire listeners to “take responsibility for you—your actions, your movements, your decisions.” 

Hart’s latest offering  titled “The Decision: Overcoming Today’s BS for Tomorrow’s Success,” features some of the practical steps the superstar developed to elevate his own life, to inspire and help transform yours. 

Kevin takes the listener through what he calls a Mental Fitness Bootcamp, and he shared with that even for him, putting this project together was quite transformative. 

“When you’re looking back at the things that you’re talking about and you’re reflecting on those experiences, I think the biggest takeaway is the growth and the ability to discuss what you’re supposed to be ashamed of, or what you’re supposed to hide,” Hart said. “For me, the decision to actually write this type of book was the first step of growth and the first step of, ‘This is something that is refreshing.’ It’s a new journey, and I have a great reason behind it,” he continued.

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“At the top of this Audible Original, what I say is, ‘This is dedicated to you.’ And by you, I’m talking about people. This is for you. I’m partners with JP Morgan Chase, and we have this big agenda, it’s called Advancing Black Pathways and the agenda is to try to cure financial literacy within our communities,” Hart tells  “As we started the journey, I had the realization why our culture has no idea how money works. It’s really not our culture’s fault. The alternative option of understanding was never offered. In our community, no one teaches us how to save, how to bank, how to prepare for the future. We don’t know stocks. We don’t know the financial industry at all. Hence, we grow up and at the age 18 or 21, all get hit with the same punch in the face of, ‘What do you mean I don’t have credit? or ‘What do you mean I got to get credit? What do you mean, I don’to have a bank account? What, taxes?’ We all go through it and the reason why is because there’s a barrier that nobody has attempted to break of providing information.”

Continuing, “I go talk to these kids, the thing that was the biggest shellshock is I’m talking to them but I’m talking only because I’ve been able to get on the other side and now that I’m on the other side I’m privy to information that never would have been offered to me,” Hart explains. “Which makes me realize, you have to be a fucking anomaly to come from where we come from and to actually have a gesture of want because our comfort is based on what we have and what we see. So if nobody is providing another side of the story, another side of interest, another look into life, then there will never be growth. Nobody’s gonna break the chain,” he added. 

“There’s a chain that exists out there that we fail to realize has to be broken, and this chain of information that I’m now providing is the start of what should be a trickle of more people wanting to deliver stories, affirmations, high level of transparency, because guess what? The more people that you see have made it, and the more people share that information of how, the more you feel like you can. The more you feel like your purpose can be fulfilled.”

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