Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Damn! It Happened Again. Another ‘Karen-ing’ on Video … to A Sista This Time / WATCH

Svitlana Flom Instagram)
(Svitlana Flom Instagram)

*Lord have mercy! Not another Karen spotting! Yes, unfortunately, that the case.

OK, here’s the deal. On Saturday, in New York, on the Upper West Side, a pregnant white woman named Svitlana Flom was recorded on video by a black woman who she had called the police on multiple times.

Flom, 34, can be heard telling officers she was being ‘threatened’ while footage, just like the one of “Central Park Karen,” shows she’s straight lying to the authorities.

The interaction took place between 6:15pm and 7:31pm near the Waterline Square area of the UWS, around 60th and West End Avenue, according to

The so-far unidentified sista, (except for her social media handle: @_brownsugarbaby) who took the video appeared to be minding her own business and is heard telling Flom that she in the neighborhood because she lives in the neighborhood.

According to @_brownsugarbaby’s Instagram post, it all started because Flom thought the woman (@_brownsugarbaby) was smoking in public. The IG post says that she ended up calling the police at least three times. By the third call, Flom told the police the woman was “threatening her & her children.”

In fact, in the first clip, you can hear Flom tell the police that she’s “playing the black card.”

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From 6:15pm – 7:31pm this women, Svitlana Flom, artdefete felt the need to not only approach me but call the cops MULTIPLE TIMES ON ME!! She was too “Alarmed” that I was sitting “comfortably” in “her neighborhood!” The first call was because she THOUGHT I was smoking in public.. but by the 3rd call, it was bcuz I was “threatening her & her children !!” While giving my description, she exaggerated her story & made it seem like I was the aggressor. “THIS AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN IS ATTACKING ME AND MY CHILDREN!” She had tears that were off & on & she stated things like “She’s pulling the black card!” Then wanted me to walk to the boys w/ her ??‍♀️? I probably could have just walked away!! I probably should have kept my mouth shut right ?! NAHHH!! I couldn’t understand why she was so mad ! Like ummmm first of alllll I pay alllll mine over here Miss Lady !! ? How you come over here just feeling sooooo privileged & soooo comfortable enough to tell me I should leave ?! You’re buggin !! NOT THIS ONE!! She wanted to be a victim soooo bad!! NOT ONE PERSON CAME TO HER AID!! MULTIPLE PPL witnessed the ordeal & just wanted to make sure I was ok! SHARE THESE VIDEOS AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE !! #SvitlanaFlom @maisonvivinyc @allsetnow @huffpost @ariannahuff

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Also the video, Flom describes the woman as “African American” and can be heard saying, “I’m shaking, I’m pregnant. This is unacceptable. I want this video to be gone.”

The woman who recorded the videos also states (and displays in the videos) that not one person came to the aid of Svitlana (who is shown to be pregnant) – not even her husband who you can see in the video walking away from her while she talking crazy and lying on the black woman

In case you’re interested, Flom co-owns French restaurant Maison Vivienne which boasts locations in Southampton and the Upper East Side and is a regular on the New York City socialite scene.

Oh yeah, there’s this. At one point, Svitlana Flom actually asks the woman to walk with her to the police station. Check out the sista’s classic response when you watch the clips.




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