Saturday, October 1, 2022

NYPD Cop Calls Female Protester a ‘Stupid F**king B*tch’ and Shoves Her to the Ground / WATCH

Dounya Zayer - Officer Vincent J. D’ndraia
Dounya Zayer – Officer Vincent J. D’ndraia

*George Floyd’s murder has sparked tremendous anger throughout the black community.

Riots are spreading across cities nationwide.

The mayhem includes torched police stations, looted retail stores, and cars flipped upside down.

There’s no way to predict when the rioting and arson will dissipate.

So this may last a while …

We’re not exactly sure how riots are supposed to go, but it seems reasonable to argue that if you’re rioting and you boldly decide to confront a police officer, then you shouldn’t be too surprised if it results in you being arrested, or shoved to the ground – hard. Just sayin’.

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In video footage captured of the protests in New York, an NYPD police officer is seen violently assaulting and shoving a female protestor to the ground.

The officer and other members of the NYPD are then seen walking off, leaving the protestor on the ground and making no effort to help her.

Witnesses said the cop—who has since been identified as Officer Vincent J. D’ndraia from the 73rd Precinct—called the woman, who has been identified as Dounya Zayer, a “stupid f**king b*tch” prior to the aggressive shove.

After the violent incident, the female protestor was taken to the hospital to be treated for a concussion.

The woman later took to Twitter confirming the incident and saying that it caused her to have a seizure after she hit her head after being violently shoved to the ground.

She said she doesn’t understand why the officer assaulted her because she was being peaceful and nonviolent during the protest.

“I wasn’t being aggressive and there was no reason for him to throw me the way he did,” the woman (who goes by the name Dounya Zayer on Twitter) said.

“I can’t stop vomiting and this f**king sucks.”

Meanwhile … other footage of the protests Friday night outside of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn showed police chasing after protesters and beating them with batons and pepper-spraying crowds.

Looks like everyone is getting along well …




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