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Victory In The Midst Of a Storm: Requires Food for Your Respiratory System

Foods for a Healthy Respiratory System

by A Beloved Daughter

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As was mentioned in a previous article, the respiratory system’s main function is to supply your blood with oxygen. This process allows the lungs to absorb oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. You may also know that certain medical conditions can hinder that process. For instance, if you suffer with asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, emphysema or even sinusitis, but there are foods and medications to help strengthen your respiratory system.


Yogurt and Kefir

Unless you suffer with lactose intolerance, i.e. the body’s inability to digest cow’s milk, yogurt and kefir, cultured milk products, may provide a rich amount of animal protein, calcium and probiotics. Probiotics can help restore good bacteria to the digestive system and help your metabolism. A properly functioning digestive system allows the body to absorb the needed nutrients from the foods you eat.


Fruits and Vegetables

They supply the body with antioxidants that support your immune system’s ability to protect your body from infections, disease and toxins linked to cancer. The antioxidant vitamin C, found in red bell peppers, citrus fruits, leafy greens, and cabbage may alleviate inflammation in your respiratory system. If not already a part of your meal plans, add a variety of whole fruits and vegetables to maximize the benefits of these antioxidant filled foods into your diet daily.


Soups and Warm Drinks

Herbal teas, broth, soups and warm water, promote hydration and rid your body of toxins through urine. An age-old remedy for colds and flu has been “mother’s” chicken soup.  The combination of the warmth and the liquid helps to eliminate the mucus buildup in the body and eliminate the discomforts associated with it. If you have milk sensitivity, avoid creamy soups as they tend to produce more mucus.

The article you are about to read was not written by a doctor.  This article was submitted by a trained and licensed Respiratory Therapist with years of experience. Please read the article. Please use whatever (if anything) applies to your situation. Please see your doctor. Call 911 if it is an emergency. Practice safety and wisdom. The CDC has more experience with this situation than any of us…


CORONA Common Sense from a Respiratory Therapist

Since they are calling on Respiratory therapist to help fight the Corona virus, and I am a retired one, too old to work in a hospital setting. I’m gonna share some common sense wisdom with those that have the virus and trying to stay home. If my advice is followed as given you will improve your chances of not ending up in the hospital on a ventilator. This applies to the otherwise generally healthy population, so use discretion. 1. Only high temperatures kill a virus, so let your fever run high. Tylenol, Advil. Motrin, Ibuprofen etc. will bring your fever down allowing the virus to live longer. They are saying that ibuprophen, advil etc will actually exacerbate the virus. Use common sense and don’t let fever go over 103 or 104 if you got the guts. If it gets higher than that take your tylenol, not ibuprophen or advil to keep it regulated. It helps to keep house warm and cover up with blankets so body does not have to work so hard to generate the heat. It usually takes about 3 days of this to break the fever. 2. The body is going to dehydrate with the elevated temperature so you must rehydrate yourself regulaly, whether you like it or not. Gatorade with real sugar, or pedialyte with real sugar for kids, works well. Why the sugar? Sugar will give your body back the energy it is using up to create the fever. The electrolytes and fluid you are losing will also be replenished by the Gatorade. If you don’t do this and end up in the hospital they will start an IV and give you D5W (sugar water) and Normal Saline to replenish electrolytes. Gatorade is much cheaper, pain free, and comes in an assortment of flavors 3. You must keep your lungs moist. Best done by taking long steamy showers on a regular basis, if your wheezing or congested use a real minty toothpaste and brush your teeth while taking the steamy shower and deep breath through your mouth. This will provide some bronchial dialation and help loosen the phlegm. Force your self to cough into a wet wash cloth pressed firmly over your mouth and nose, which will cause greater pressure in your lungs forcing them to expand more and break loose more of the congestion. 4. Eat healthy and regularly. Gotta keep your strength up. 5. Once the fever breaks, start moving around to get the body back in shape and blood circulating. 6. Deep breath on a regular basis, even when it hurts. If you don’t it becomes easy to develop pneumonia. Pursed lip breathing really helps. That’s breathing in deep and slow then exhaling through tight lips as if your blowing out a candle, blow until you have completely emptied your lungs and you will be able to breath in an even deeper breath. This helps keep lungs expanded as well as increase your oxygen level. 7. Remember that every medication you take is merely relieving the symptoms, not making you well. 8. If your still dying go to ER.

I’ve been doing these things for myself and my family for over 40 years and kept them out of the hospital, all are healthy and still living today.

Thank you all for sharing. We gotta help one another

Desclaimer: The article you just read was not written by a doctor.  Use what applies to your situation.  Disregard the rest.  Please see your doctor. Call 911 if it is an emergency.


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