Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Memorial Day Wknd: 2 Shot, Six Injured in Daytona Beach

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*It’s the Memorial Day Weekend and as expected, unfortunately, and all across the country, many thousands are straight-up not even try to utilize social distancing rules while mingling in public.

All across the country, there are plenty of pool parties and other celebrations that are going down without violence,. However, we can’t say the same for one event in Florida that was straight up buck wild and resulted in several two people being shot and several injured in other ways.

Check out the video/report below.


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HU Staff: Kecia Gayle @kecia.kae Thousands of people across the country defied social distancing rules to enjoy Memorial Day Weekend. While we saw tons of pool parties and other celebrations in different states, it looks like one function in Florida got pretty out of control. ______________________________________________________________ According to the Daily Mail, at least six people were injured after shots broke out at a Daytona, Florida event on Saturday. Gunfire erupted along the beachside road where more than 200 people were seen partying and dancing. Two people were shot and four were hit by shrapnel in the incident which happened in the evening at a 7-Eleven on South Atlantic Avenue. ______________________________________________________________ Several other people were wounded and had to be taken to the hospital. However, it was noted that all of their injuries were not life-threatening, authorities said. While police have not nabbed the gunmen just yet, they did note that that the victims were not cooperating with the investigation. Daytona Beach police Chief Craig Capri said in a Saturday phone interview that the shooting appeared to be related to the Boardwalk-area crowd. ______________________________________________________________  ?: Photo Credit: ______________________________________________________________ If you have a tip or suggestion, or want to talk to us about this story, Text the word “TIP” to 1-310-388-6463!

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