Thursday, October 6, 2022

Debbi Morgan Talks About Her Tearful IG Breakdown Over COVID-19 | Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall and Debbi Morgan
Tamron Hall and Debbi Morgan

*On the Wednesday, May 20th edition of “Tamron Hall,” Emmy Award-winning actress Debbi Morgan joined Tamron to discuss what sparked her to share the emotional Instagram video on the devastation coronavirus has caused within black communities.

“I had pretty much been holding it together. I would have my moments, but I had things that kept me pretty much distracted,” she said, adding, “On that particular day I just realized I had been watching the news 24/7 and it was really starting to get to me”

Morgan also shared the feeling of panic she’s experiencing amidst the pandemic saying, “Sometimes I feel that not everybody is being as responsible as they should be. Of course we all know that we don’t have any control over this virus, we can only control what we can do as responsible Americans and that is wearing our masks, wearing our gloves if we have to.”

Later, Debbi opened up about how she’s coping with her mental health struggles after being diagnosed with PTSD after suffering from a childhood trauma, sharing, “For me, it’s about finding and learning ways to cope. I meditate, which has such a positive effect on calming and relaxing the mind. I’ve also started learning how to play the piano and I can get lost in it for hours and it’s such an incredible wonderful distraction.”

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