Saturday, June 25, 2022

Michael Jordan’s Eldest Daughter Jasmine had to Google Him (Watch)

Jasmine Jordan
Jasmine Jordan

Two of Michael Jordan’s children, Jasmine and Jeffrey Jordan, spoke to “Good Morning America” on Monday, hours after the 10-episode documentary about their dad, “The Last Dance,” ended on Sunday night.

Jasmine Jordan — who admitted she once had to Google her own dad to grasp the concept of his fame — said the ESPN series that chronicled the pinnacle of MJ’s prime has “been eye-opening.”

“I had kids and teachers and stuff at school telling me ‘it’s incredible your father is who he is.’ And I’m thinking you all haven’t met my father to my knowledge, how do you know this? So I did, I googled him. And I found a lot clearly,” she said with a laugh. “I had that conversation with my father afterwards and he just laughed and was like, ‘Hey, there’s no way to really tell you anything like that.’ But between him and my mom, they made sure that we felt like he was normal as can be and we grew up very normal and for that I’m grateful.”

“I was so young at the time — so now I’m understanding the chaos and everything that was happening,” Jasmine Jordan, 27, continued. “It’s been a joy, really, to watch and I think like everybody else we’re sad that it’s over.”

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