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‘Basketball Wives’ Star Jennifer Williams Has Been Scammed Out Thousands Of Dollars By Atlanta Con Man

Jennifer Williams

*“Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams has opened up about being scammed out of thousands of dollars by a man who has allegedly taken advantage of “multiple women” before her.

In an exclusive interview theJasmineBRAND, Williams says the entire ordeal has been “a complete nightmare.”

On social media, she spilled the deets about a man named Aaron Nichols (alias Nick, Daniel, Chris) who stole her Range Rover, along with money from an investment.

She says she first met Aaron at a meeting in Atlanta at the St. Regis Hotel, and they later developed a friendship.

“He was smart, down to earth and a nice guy,” she said of her initial opinion of him. But that all changed once the stole her Range Rover.

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Jennifer Williams has been scammed

via theJasmineBRAND:

Jennifer says that she was moving from Los Angeles to Atlanta and had an extra vehicle (Range Rover) that she needed to have parked and put away. She explains that she has two cars (a Ferrari that she drives) and the Range Rover. She claims that Aaron offered to take the Range Rover for her and park it. Jennifer says that after she was settled in Atlanta, she called Aaron to retrieve her car. She says that he would never return her calls or give her any information about when she could retrieve her car.

“I haven’t had my car since November (2019)” she says. “After filing a police report, I found out that he was a completely different person with a shady record.”

Jennifer claims a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

“I found out he has almost 7 kids. He’s done this to so many women and even his baby mamas – taking their cars, cash, whatever he can get his hands on!”.

Adding, “He’s taken advantage of so many women and there a lot of them out there that are too embarrassed to come forward.”

Williams insists she’s “not embarrassed” by this unfortunate turn of events.

“If I have to tell my story, so that he doesn’t do this to anyone else, I’m willing to do that. I don’t want another person to be hurt.”

She says Aaron has a reputation in Atlanta for being a scammer and car theft.

“I’ll probably never see my car again, but that’s okay. People need to know that he’s not the man he portrays himself to be.”

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