Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Princess Love to Estranged Husband Ray J: ‘You’re Not a Protector‘ [WATCH]

*Princess Love and Ray J had a candid conversation about the lows of their marriage during their new 4-part series on Zeus called “The Conversation.”

Apparently the sit-down saw the couple chat for the first time about the blowout they had in Las Vegas late last year where Love accused her estranged husband of abandoning her and their child in Sin City while he went off to a strip club.

As noted by Celebrity Insider, Princess Love did not hold back as she slammed the father of her two children for bringing strippers in his hotel room.

“You know why we’re here, and, unfortunately, the only way we can have this conversation is if we’re filming. I feel like this is the only way I can get real answers out of you,” she said.

Adding, “I didn’t want to continue to argue in the paragraphs that we were going back with and forth with each other, saying all this way out stuff that I felt was damaging, tarnishing, disrespectful on both ends. It was becoming overwhelming of negativity.”

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Ray J and his wife Princess Love

She also noted her frustration over him buying of a new home without talking to her about it.  

Meanwhile, Ray J denied inviting strippers back home, saying “I did not invite a stripper home with me.” To which Princess Love fired back with: “The strippers didn’t come back to the hotel with you, yes or no? I was in a one-bedroom MGM hotel, and you were in a big a*s loft with strippers and prostitutes.”

And Ray J responded, “To get to the strippers, we have to get past you exposing everything we do. You make me look bad, you make [their daughter] Melody look bad. You make her dad look bad.”

Princess Love then confessed “What kind of husband doesn’t protect his wife? You were in a hotel. You’re disrespectful, I don’t respect you, I lost a lot of love for you, and you’re not a protector. You’re not that. That’s important to me, and you’re not that.”

Ray J then noted that they needed to “take a five” from filming. 

Scroll up and watch their moment via the clip above. 

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