Friday, September 30, 2022

NAACP & Civil Rights Groups Plan Protest of Plans to Convert Historic LA Crenshaw Mall to Offices and Not Housing


*The Los Angeles NAACP and a coalition of every major leading civil rights organization and community groups in South Los Angeles oppose the proposal by CIM to purchase the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall and announces a petition campaign against CIM.

The current CIM proposal by Shaul Kuba co-founder and principal of CMI group includes high-end commercial office space only. It has no housing, no retail, no dine-in restaurants and there have been no community meetings to discuss their plans!

“We oppose the proposed takeover by CIM and support the existing project redesign by Capri Capital,” says Najee Ali of the NAACP L.A. Branch.

Baldwin Hills - Crenshaw

Here’s more of Ali’s statement:

The existing project is supported by many local residents, community groups and the local City Council Office because Capri Capital’s redesign of the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall includes workforce housing, affordable housing, dine-in restaurants, locally owned retail shops, and small minority-owned businesses!

We oppose the proposed takeover of the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall by CIM! We want the housing, retail, and dine-in restaurants we were promised!

CIM co-founder Shaul Kuba has essentially spit in the face of every South LA community member, our leadership, stakeholders and Los Angeles City Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson along with the other African-American elected officials the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall resides in.

CMI hasn’t talked or met with any us to even discuss their plans because they don’t even have a finalized plan just ideas that our community and leadership haven’t even been involved in discussions about.

If this sale is approved as is. It will be the nuclear bomb of gentrification landing in our community which represents the heart and soul of black Los Angeles.


Press conference
Date: Thursday, May 7, 2020
Time 11: 00 am
Location: Krispy Kreme Donuts.
Adjacent from Crenshaw Mall
4034 Crenshaw Blvd
Los Angeles CA 9008

Sponsored by
NAACP L.A.Branch
S.CL.C. Pastor William Smart President.
Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce.
L.A.Baptist Ministers Conference. Rev K.W.Tulloss Community Build CEO Robert Sausedo Project Islamic Hope Donald Bakeer CAIR-LA and a host of neighborhood council and community groups.






Najee Ali




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