Thursday, April 22, 2021

Reopening In The Midst Of a Storm: You Need Words of Encouragement

Words Of Encouragement




God is in control even when it can mean your life (google free to share and use)

Hello Blessed Ones, 


By now, most are tired of hearing so much about COVID-19. We just want things to get back to normal. Unfortunately, due to this virus our world has changed as we know it. There are currently over 2.5 million COVID cases worldwide and over 190,000 deaths. 


Today’s subject concerns death. It might not be very popular, but it doesn’t make it less relevant; especially right now. One thing you can’t argue is that all die. It’s a part of the cycle of life.  Are you afraid to die? When you die, where will you go? Do you think you will just no longer physically exist and hope you’ve left a large enough mark in life that many will remember you? If you are a Believer of Christ Jesus and have accepted Him as your Lord and Savior, then you realize my last question can’t be farther from the truth. 


I want to tell you a little story about a man named Paul.  Paul was a follower of Christ Jesus and his sole purpose was to share the Gospel(Christ’s death, burial and resurrection for the sins of the world) to both Jews and Gentiles. You can read about Paul’s previous conversion experience by reading Acts 9.

Fast forwarding to the book of Philippians, we find Paul writing to encourage Believers in the city of Philippi. He was giving practical advice on how to live the Christian life.  What you may not be aware is Paul was writing from prison. He was in prison as a direct result of his preaching Christ. He mentions in Philippians 1:12 that his being in chains had served to advance the gospel through other believers who were encouraged to speak the word of God more courageously and fearlessly. Paul realized there were even those who preached Christ out of envy and rivalry in order to  stir up trouble for him. But, Paul didn’t care. The important thing was that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ was being preached and because of it, Paul rejoiced. 


Now, what does this have to do with death, you ask? Well, in verses 20-21 Paul says he will not be ashamed of the Gospel but that he will always exalt Christ whether by life or by death. In verse 21 Paul says, “For me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”  What did he mean?  Well, to those who don’t believe in God, life on this earth is all there is and therefore it’s natural to want what the world has to offer. However, for Paul, he developed eternal values. His desire was to tell others about the saving grace of Christ Jesus, who alone can help them see life too from an eternal perspective. Paul lived confidently and believed dying would be better than living because death meant life face to face, eternally, with Christ Jesus. 


Be blessed and be a blessing,

Bride of Christ 

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