Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Robert Townsend Reveals Hacker Is Using His Old Number to Beg People for Money [VIDEO]

Robert Townsend

*Robert Townsend is the latest celebrity to be caught up in a hacking scheme.

The acclaimed director took to his Instagram account recently to explain that someone hacked into his contacts and has been using his old cell phone number to ask his friends, family and colleagues for money. 

He wrote Tuesday (April 28th): “I was just informed that unfortunately my contacts have been hacked and my old number is reaching out and asking people for money.”

Townsend said authorities have stepped in to resolve the matter, and assured his friends and family that he is not behind the requests for money. 

“The police are now involved. To any friends or family being messaged, that is not me and we are on top of it. Blessings,” he said. 

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In related news, during an interview with the Associated Press, Townsend spoke about the “Making the Five Heartbeats,” a behind-the-scenes docu-drama about the 1991 musical film, and how Niecy Nash and disgraced singer R. Kelly auditioned for the project. 

“Keenan Ivory Wayans and I rewrote that script like 30 times, and what you will see is Niecy Nash on line at the open call audition,” Townsend said. “She was just a baby. Now she’s a Hollywood icon. R. Kelly is on line to audition at the Regal Theatre in Chicago.” 

He said of Kelly, “He comes to me and he’s like, ‘Mr. Townsend I’m trying to be a songwriter for the movie’ … He did play some music for me.”

R. Kelly is currently behind bars facing multiple sex crime charges in Chicago and New York.

Elsewhere in his interview with The AP, Townsend spoke on Black superhero films and how he was  “ahead of my time.”


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