Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Comedians Dee Nasty And Sasha Merci Host New Talk Show On Fuse TV

*Comedians Dee Nasty and Sasha Merci launched a new pop culture talk show “Like, Share, Dímelo.” This isn’t your average talk show.

The show covers pop culture, hot topics, politics, and more. While they hit you with important topics they will balance it out with a little laughter. 

Theses ladies used their comedic background and added comedy sketches to their show. The show is a cross between Saturday Night Live and The Real.  

Dee Nasty and Sasha Merci, two Dominican American women, are breaking barriers with their new show by representing the Latin community in a space that isn’t just catering to their community. The ladies talked about the importance of this representation 

 “Growing up we only had JLo, we love JLo, but she was the only representation we had in America,” says Dee. She goes on to mention even though they saw themselves on Latin programming JLo was the only person they could relate to in mainstream media. The ladies also spoke about representing Afro Latinas as well, because even though they had Latin programming growing up they mostly only saw white or fair skin Latinas, not too many brown/black Latinas.

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Dee Nasty and Sasha Merci
Dee Nasty and Sasha Merci

I grew up where people were telling me to change all the time, like oh you have to change to fit in or change your appearance,” says Sahsa. She also mentions that it feels good to not have to change who she is or hide her ethnicity to be accepted in mainstream media.  

We all have different cultures but we are all Americans dealing with the same everyday issues. It’s a breath of fresh air to get a different perspective on today’s current events. Variety is always important because no two people are the same. That goes for Dee Nasty and Sasha Merci as well, yes they are both Dominican and from the Bronx but they have opposing opinions and that’s what makes their show interesting to watch.

You can catch “Like, Share, Dímelo” on FuseTV’s YouTube channel every Friday.  




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