Monday, July 4, 2022

Wendy Williams & John Oliver: A Match Made in Quarantine (Watch)

John Oliver on The Wendy Williams Show
John Oliver on The Wendy Williams Show

*Several weeks ago, John Oliver surprised everyone by professing his love for “The Wendy Williams Show.” Not the version with the studio audience, but the COVID-19 version, where she hosts from her kitchen area while eating breakfast and weird snack combos in her bathrobe.

Oliver spent a whole segment on the April 19 episode of his HBO series “Last Week Tonight” explaining how Wendy’s giving of zero effs makes for spectacular and refreshingly honest TV. To show his appreciation, his people tracked down and sent Wendy an outfit worn by Tameka “Tiny” Harris that she had spent time gushing over. Wendy gave Oliver a shout out on her show the following Tuesday and sent him a huge painting of herself eating lamb chops…as a gift.

Welp, it was inevitable that Oliver would eventually be a guest on Wendy@Home. It happened Tuesday. During their love fest, Oliver told Wendy what it’s like taping his show from home with two young kids and how he met his wife. John also showed off the painting that she sent him and attempted to eat one of her favorite snack combos – Doritos and caviar. Plus the two dished about their love of “The Real Housewives of New York.”

Watch below, followed by Oliver’s April 19, out-of-the-blue ode to Wendy that set this whole thing off:




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