Saturday, September 18, 2021

Hillary Clinton to Endorse Joe Biden – Party Unity on Display

Joe Biden & Hillary Clinton - GettyImages
Joe Biden & Hillary Clinton – GettyImages

*If you’ve been waiting and wondering if Hillary Clinton was going to endorse Joe Biden, the time for waiting and wondering is just about over. She is expected to make her formal announcement today.

The former first lady will endorse Joe Biden for president at the former vice president’s virtual women’s town hall on Tuesday.

Clinton all but confirmed the endorsement as she disclosed via her Twitter account that she would be appearing at the online event with Biden.

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According to the site, Clinton’s endorsement matters because it’s another major establishment name endorsing Biden as the Democratic Party coalesces around its presumptive nominee ahead of November’s general election.

As the woman who got closest to the White House, the NY Times notes, Clinton remains a singular figure in Democratic presidential politics, and a complicated one. Both beloved and blamed for her narrow loss to Mr. Trump in 2016, she possesses a loyal and powerful constituency of female supporters, many of whom are among those who argue that the election was stolen from her by Russian hackers.

It’s also noteworthy that although Clinton maintains a loyal following, she’s often criticized for her narrow loss to President Trump in the 2016 election and for alienating progressives, a group that Biden is seeking to win over ahead of November.

Biden and Clinton ran against each other in the 2008 Democratic primary, though former President Barack Obama eventually chose him as a running mate.




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