Monday, May 16, 2022

Trevor Noah Calls on States to Form ‘Pacts’ to Decide When to Re-Open U.S. [VIDEO]

*During his Daily Social Distancing Show this week, Trevor Noah slammed President Donald Trump’s desire to re-open the American economy after his highly criticized handling of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Noah noted that getting back to normal will be a complicated process. 

“America doesn’t really need to rely on the president’s instincts here. Governors are the ones who locked down their states, and governors are the ones who will decide when to open the states back up,” said Noah 

“When Trump heard that the states were going to be deciding on whether or not to reopen their economies, regardless of his decision, he was quick to remind people that his business cards might say president, but y’all better treat him like the king,” he said. “But the truth is, Donald, if you’re not there for the battle, you don’t get to lead the victory parade.”

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trevor noah and trump

Noah also called on America’s governors to “work in unison” to figure out how and when to re-open their economies.

“This is truly a brilliant idea,” Noah said, before deadpanning, “In fact, when I think about it, all the states should just join up. All the states should join up and they should work in unison with each other. They could call it, ‘The Together States in America.’ God damn, that’s brilliant, I gotta write that down!”

Trump has made it clear that he is not down with multistate pacts, telling reporters that only he has total authority to re-open the American economy.

To which Noah replied, “Throughout this crisis, Trump has been pushing responsibility onto the governors at every opportunity — find your own ventilators, negotiate for your own PPE, you tell citizens to stay at home, that’s not my job. But now that it’s getting close to that time when America might be re-opening the economy, all of a sudden he’s like, ‘Me! Me! I get to push the button!’ But the truth is, Donald, if you’re not there for the battle, you don’t get to lead the victory parade.”

Hear more from Trevor Noah about it via the clip above. 

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