Thursday, July 29, 2021

Sherri Shepherd Suggests to Niecy Nash She Should Date Robert De Niro – WATCH

Niecy Nash - Robert De Niro (Getty)
Niecy Nash – Robert De Niro (Getty)

*Remember when Niecy Nash set up Sherri Shepherd with her now deadbeat, ex-husband Lamar Sally? Well, the tables have turned, so to speak.

These days, Nash is back in the dating pool now that she and Jay Tucker are no longer married after 8 years. With that in mind, Madame Shepherd has some thoughts on who should be the next one to have the honor of being with Niecy.

We know this because the two ladies had a convo about the subject via Instagram Live the other day.  As far as Shepherd is concerned, Niecy is “ready to mingle.”

“I want you to be with someone, like real cultured. And real, like, about the world. Right now, in my mind, is, like big actors. I would love for you to be with Rob De Niro. And he likes chocolate sisters. I just think that such a good look. Now he might be a little tired at night time. You might have to put his teeth on the counter. But, in the day time…”

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Robert De Niro & Grace Hightower (Getty)
Robert De Niro & Grace Hightower (Getty)

Yes, she’s right. De Niro is definitely down for the sistas. All one has to remember is that all three of his wives: Diahnne Abbott, Toukie Smith, and Grace Hightower are all black women.

But Niecy made need some convincing on that front.

“Sherri, let me tell you something. Shawty want a thug, bottles in the club.”

Wait, you want what?! Well, that’s interesting.

In any event, you can check out the convo below.


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