Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Democrat State Rep. Vernon Jones Changes Mind About Resigning Office After Endorsing Trump

Vernon Jones

*Earlier this week, Georgia House member Vernon Jones (D-Lithonia) announced that he was endorsing Donald Trump, but would remain in the Democratic party.

That shocking proclamation was followed by his abrupt resignation from his seat on Wednesday. But his political saga took another turn on Thursday when he announced he had changed his mind and would not be resigning his office after all.

Jones released a video on Twitter saying he received so much support for stepping back from the loony liberals. 

“I will not let the Democrats to bully me into submission,” Jones said, CBS46.com reports.  “I will not let them win. I will NOT resign. (emphasis his) #MAGA”

Jones said in the video, “I’m going to do everything I can to help Donald J. Trump get re-elected because he’s the man for this job.”

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During an interview Wednesday with CBS46, Jones slammed the Democratic Party, accusing them of racism against Blacks and favoring “illegal immigrants.”

His initial statement said, “Turn out the lights, I have left the plantation.”

“When you look at the platform, there is nothing specifically in there to help African Americans,” Jones said Wednesday. “Yes, there’s something for illegal immigrants. Yes, there’s something for the LGBTQ community. But there is nothing there for the African-American community.”

Jones said he has been on the receiving end of racially based criticism, and compared himself to former Senator Zell Miller.

“Zell Miller didn’t switch parties, but when he endorsed a president who was a Republican, no one said anything about it,” Jones said. “Why am I being treated differently? It’s because I’m black. White conservatives in the Democratic party can express themselves, but a black person can’t? That shows you the bigotry right now.”

Jones, who represents a heavily Democratic district in the Atlanta area, says he supports Trump because his economic policy has benefited Black folks.

Hear more from Jones about his new political stand via the Twitter post above.

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