Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Everything a Fashionista Should Include in Her Classic Wardrobe

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*Watching a fashion blogger flaunt her killer styles and showcase a beautiful fashion trend is enough to bring out the real fashionista from inside you. Sure enough that a fashion blogger’s attractive skills of carrying out the dresses with perfect accessories would already plant a secret wish in your heart!

You also want to flaunt your fashionista skills, isn’t it? But, if you are having a second thought of it, let’s tell you that you can do it in a budget-savvy manner as long as you buy clothes and accessories from Fashicon. But, don’t forget, to admire yourself as a fashion enthusiast, you need to start slow. See what you should include in your classic wardrobe.


Solid color outfits like blacks, whites, and greys – Keeping solid colored clothes in your wardrobe is the first step to becoming an admirable fashion enthusiast. Choosing the basic colors like blacks, whites, and greys, would complement the regular comfortable attires like denim jeans, jeggings, and more. A black or white top, for instance, would be a perfect fit with your regular denim, while a grey tang top would brighten up the appeal of a florescent sling bag (maybe). Don’t forget to include some good-looking kurtas!

Denim clothes – No one, regardless whether they want to be a fashionista or not, would say that they don’t own a pair of jeans in the wardrobe! Your wardrobe is simply incomplete without a pair of denim pants or tunics. Complement your denim dungaree with a bright colored top and give importance to comfort by choosing a pair of converse with it. You can also get yourself a big dialed watch to get yourself the utter comfort look. Also, include some jeggings and leggings to give a traditional look pairing with kurtas or kurtis.

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Dresses – You should also include dresses like a pencil-shaped dress, umbrella cutting dress, slim-fit black dress, and so many more designs in your wardrobe. You got to be apt with which design suits you the best. Is it an align dress? Or you think an umbrella dress beautifully hugs your body like no other design?

You can also include some casual dresses too. Again, here’s singing high praises about the denims! You can actually complement the shape of your body with every kind of denim clothes.


Ballets – Sure that this style of shoes reminds you of your high school times! Flaunting that classic staple pair of ballet might leave you with a wish to complement the look with a beautiful dress. But, which dress would look perfect with an elegant pair of ballet shoes? Flaunt it with beautiful flowery dresses.

Ankle boots – A pair of ankle boots with a trench coat and a warm winter morning, what else do you want! A fashionista knows it better how to complement this type of shoes with elegantly designed clothes.


That’s not enough!  Don’t forget to include a watch, for it doesn’t just give you a track of time but give an impact on an everlasting first impression. Besides, you can always stick to a bold look by wearing a pair of sunglasses too! Now, decide how you want to become a fashionista of your own style, and share it in the comment section below.




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