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Babyface Recalls How Michael Jackson Was ‘Angry’ When Madonna Asked Him to ‘Dress Like a Girl’ [VIDEO]

*During his song battle with Teddy Riley on Monday night, producer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds recalled the time Madonna once told Michael Jackson to “dress like a girl” for a music video the pair were planning to make together.

Edmonds said Jackson told him: “‘Babyface, can you believe she wants me to dress like a girl?’”

Babyface continued: “He was like, ‘I’d never do that.’ He said, ‘She was trying to change it all up. It was crazy’ … He was really mad about it.”

Jackson and Madonna were reportedly due to collaborate on Jackson’s 1992 hit “In the Closet.”

“I started writing words and getting ideas and stuff and I presented them to him and he didn’t like them,” Madonna said in a 1992 interview. “I think all he wanted was a provocative title, and ultimately he didn’t want the content of the song to… sort of, live up to the title.”

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Jackson ultimately released the record his way and featured Naomi Campbell in the music video.

The King of Pop would later reveal just how “nasty” Madonna was to him. 

As reported by CNN, Jackson recorded about 30 hours of candid conversations with his friend and spiritual adviser, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, between August 2000 and April 2001. In some of the recording, he does not speak kindly of Madonna.

“She is not a nice person,” Jackson told Boteach, going on to reveal how he and Madonna bickered about where they would socialize.

“Madonna laid the law down to me before we went out. [She said] I am not going to Disneyland, OK? That’s out,” Jackson said. “I said, ‘I didn’t ask to go to Disneyland.’ She said, ‘We are going to the restaurant. And afterwards, we are going to a strip bar.’

“I said, ‘I am not going to a strip bar, where they cross dress. … I am not going to there. If that’s how it is, forget this whole thing. … Afterwards, she wrote some mean things about me in the press. And I wrote that she is a nasty witch, after I was so kind to her,” Jackson said.

“Let’s be very fair to Madonna,” Boteach would later say when asked about the recordings. “These comments by Michael were said about his experiences with Madonna years and years ago, when she had an extremely testy public image. She was the Material Girl, the bad girl. And I think Michael was reacting to that.”

In related news, acclaimed filmmaker Almodóvar recently detailed how “Madonna treated us like simpletons” at the now-infamous party he organized for her more than 20 years ago.

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