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Nicki Minaj on Colorism in Hip-Hop: ’My Complexion Is Not The Reason I Made It’ [WATCH]

*Nicki Minaj and her former manager Big Fendi hashed out their differences on the debut episode of Big Fendi Podcast last Wednesday. While doing so, the “Queen” rapper shared her thoughts on colorism in hip-hop and its impact on female artists.

Minaj and Fendi went without speaking for years until they reunited via the first episode of his podcast. According to a report from The Source, while speaking about her career and growth, Fendi noted that Minaj’s success has made it harder for “brown-skin rapper chicks.”

“I think brown-skin rapper chicks, no disrespect, I think since you came in the game [you] kind of made it harder for them,” he said, via Blavity. “You set a bar because a lot of chicks at that time were like, ‘Nicki poppin’ right now. I got to be at least trying to catch up to her to look like her somewhat.’”

“Well, I will say dark skin and brown skin women have to work extra harder in any field,” Minaj replied. “I don’t feel like my complexion is the reason why I made it, but I also try not to be blind or play dumb to what’s really happening in the world.”

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Elsewhere in the conversation, the two dished about their past, how they met (on Myspace in 2006) and Fendi said he last saw Minaj back in 2008 at a Lil Wayne post-tour party.

When asked why he was “dissing” her, Fendi admitted to feeling excluded from the success he helped Nicki attain.

“I felt like part of it was like, I felt like I started something…,” Fendi started.

“And you didn’t reap the benefits of it,” Minaj interjected. .

“Absolutely,” Fendi replied. “And that goes for anything. In a relationship or whatever it might be, if you start something and you don’t reap the benefit from it you are going to feel like ‘Hey!’ But, at the end of the day, I feel like you did not give me my credit.”

Minaj then made clear that she will always acknowledge him as the person who helped build her up.

“Everyone wants the stamp of ‘I did this for Nicki Minaj. At the end of the day, I did this for Nicki Minaj.’ But along the way my biggest push was you and the Come Up DVD,” she said.

“We gelled also just as human beings outside of rap. We had good banter in front of the camera. We was playing, dissing each other, laugh and stuff like that. So, it just worked. But, I just want to make it clear that we weren’t cool for a while and I was out there busting my a*s for a while by myself in Atlanta. So it wasn’t like as soon as I made it I dropped you. I would never do that.”

You can listen to the podcast below.

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