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During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Life Without Sports for a Sports Junkie

Coronavirus sports impact

*The BNP Paribas Open tennis tournament in Southern California was canceled last month and so was Wimbledon.  The French Open, which should have been played in May, has been moved to September.

Last month should have been the opening of Major League baseball.  The NBA season was interrupted; the playoffs should have started on April 18.  The Olympics have been postponed one year. Maybe more. Although the NFL draft will go on as scheduled, who knows when we’ll actually see a football game.  What’s a sports junkie to do?

I understand, realize and recognize the need to postpone sporting events during the Coronavirus pandemic, but I am at home nearly 24 hours, seven days a week…minus my store runs.  I am paying a mint for satellite television and the opportunity to watch any sport I choose.  The problem is, there are no new sports from which to choose.  The sports channels are scrambling to fill the air with programming.  Although I am getting a kick out of seeing the homes of the various people broadcasting from their homes, I would much rather see them broadcast from a stadium or television studio.

Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers pitcher), I miss him!  Although I got a kick out of watching him juggle baseballs during his challenge to Will Farrell and Brad Paisley, I would rather see him throw baseballs.  Venus looked awesome lounging by the pool, but I want to see her on the court with a tennis racket.  Serena, Tiger, Cam: I can’t wait for things to get back to normal, because I miss them too.  I want to see them play and Cam, especially WHERE he plays.

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Reruns are being shown on the MLB, NFL, NBA and Tennis Channels as well as on ESPN.  As a matter of fact, as I type this, I am rotating channels between a history lesson on the Tennis Channel and a football game from 2018 on ESPN.  Being a sports junkie, I already know a lot of tennis history and have seen most of the major sporting events, whatever the sport, that have happened over the last two or so decades.

Although some of them may be worth seeing again, I refuse to overdose on reruns.  Next week the Tennis Channel is replaying the last five French Open tournaments.  I have seen them.  The NBATV is regularly showing old games, calling them “Hardwood Classics.”  Many of them I have seen before and if they don’t involve the Lakers, I probably don’t want to watch them.

I never thought I would ever see the entire sports world come to a grinding halt; a time when it is Madness in March, instead of March Madness.  At this point, I have all but given up on sports and am watching crime dramas by the bushel.  Virus, virus go away and do not come back on any day!

Continue to stay safe, folks.  Peace to you!

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