Thursday, September 29, 2022

Candace Owens Calls Out ‘Erratic’ Response to COVID-19 After Officer Stops Her for Not Wearing Face Mask

Candace Owens

*Conservative pundit Candace Owens recounted on Twitter how she and her husband were questioned by a police officer for not wearing face masks while shopping at Whole Foods in Washington D.C.

“WOW. Just had a police officer called over to me and my husband at Whole Foods bc we were not wearing masks. We come to this @WholeFoods EVERY DAY. Apparently beginning yesterday, it is now illegal to come in without a mask,” Owens tweeted. “Total deaths in D.C from Covid? 69. WTF if going on?”

As of April 8, Mayor Muriel Bowser has ordered “all grocery stores and food markets in the city to require customers to wear face masks before entering,” the Hill reports.

“So what happens if I don’t want to wear a mask at Whole Foods?” Owens said during a Periscope video she posted. “Am I going to get arrested?”

“This is now butting into something that is tyrannical,” she said about local government’s response to the coronavirus. “This is not a quarantine, this is house arrest.”

Adding, “This is a complete violation of all our freedoms.” 

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Owens also noted, “I’m one of those people who believe first and foremost that you should expose yourself to germs because it helps you to build up immunity to anything.”

“I do want to be clear here that I’m not here to attack police officers,” she said. “On the way in… she (the police officer) said ‘You guys have to wear your masks.'”

“I said ‘I don’t have a mask. I haven’t bought one.'”

“I didn’t race to buy toilet paper… I’m not a part of like, the corona crazies you know. I’m not a part of the tin foil hat, bunkering in my basement. I’m just living my life.”

Owens said the police officer told her she would have to cover her mouth while shopping.

“We must’ve been in the store for like, four minutes picking some stuff, and the police officer chases me down and she says that she’s getting complaints that I don’t have a mask on,” she said. 

“First of all, if you’re going to have a mandate, you better supply them – I’m not spending my money on getting masks.”

Candace Owens

During her Periscope video, Owens criticized local governments for not responding to the contagion in a manner she saw as fair, saying it “makes no sense” because “deaths have gone down.”

“We have not seen an outbreak of COVID-19. We have not seen an increase in deaths.

“This is just erratic. This is just a game of Simon Says,” she added, noting that the death toll in Washington D.C. is 69 – which she said is “extremely, extremely low.”

D.C. reportedly has 2,058 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

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