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In The Midst Of a Storm: Join a Virtual Bible Study and Grow in God’s Word!



Join us at the Virtual Bible Study on zoom (google free to share and use)

Virtual Bible Study…Hebrews 11

The bible signifies strength and authority (google free to share and use)

Google says, Hebrews 11 is often called the “Hall of Heroes.” But the true hero of this chapter is God who gives faith to His own, by which the smallest of men and women have done great things in His strength.

Hebrews 11 shows that faith is so important because God’s people are beset with weakness, poverty, and difficulty.

Hebrews 11

Get your bible and come join us online as together we study Hebrews 11!  Connect. You will see us and we will see you.  Call 817 617 0204 to get connected!

Information brought to you by WOW..Works of Wonder…The Single Christians Experience
We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization. We represent Single Christians throughout the entire DFW Metroplex who are thirty-five years of age and older. We fellowship with like-minded individuals and perform community service.
Call (469) 844-0452 for more information.

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Dr. Fauci Answers All of Your Mask Queries on ‘The Daily Show’ (Watch)




Dr. Anthony Fauci on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah”

*Should you wear a mask while riding a bike?

How about in between courses when eating at a restaurant?

Dr. Anthony Fauci virtual-visited Trevor Noah of “The Daily Show” and answered all the mask-related questions that you didn’t know you had.

Watch below, or view here on Facebook.

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CeCe Winans Says She’s Not MAGA After Appearing in Trump Coronavirus Advert / WATCH



CeCe Winans1 - GettyImages-1208467509-1024x1536
CeCe Winans - GettyImages-1208467509-1024x1536

CeCe Winans – GettyImages

*CeCe Winans of the singing Winans family along with actor Dennis Quaid find themselves denying that they are secret MAGA folk after appearing in coronavirus ad that was reportedly commissioned by Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

As far as Winans is concerned, she headed to social media and posted a selfie video saying that her involvement in the campaign does not mean she’s supporting Donald Trump for re-election. All she was trying to do was to help spread awareness about the importance of wearing a mask in public.

“I was asked a couple of weeks ago to do an interview with the Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, about the coronavirus,” she said. “This interview stresses how important it is for everyone to wear a mask. It also gives us other instructions on how to get on the other side of this pandemic. It is not political at all. We have lost so many lives to COVID-19. Let’s all do everything we can so we won’t lose any more. God bless you.”

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A quick urgent message!

A post shared by CeCe Winans (@cecewinans) on

As far as the the campaign itself, according to Politico, the Health and Human Services department is leading a $300 million ad campaign that spokesman Michael Caputo previously said was ordered by Donald Trump. The ads, which will run before Election Day (November 3), will feature video interviews between Trump administration officials and celebrities who speak on the pandemic with Donald Trump’s response to it.

CeCe Winans spoke with U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams and Doctor Tony Fauci spoke with Dennis Quaid.

Meanwhile, Chaz Corzine, a representative for Winans, also made a statement about the singer’s involvement in the now controversial campaign:

“She volunteered her time participating in the PSA and was happy to do so because of her concerns about how Covid has and is impacting the African American community.”

You can best believe the the reason CeCe Winans is pleading her case to the public is because reactions like these below:

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Alicia Keys Surprises Frontline Workers with New Music on ‘GMA’ (Watch)




Alicia Keys on “Good Morning America” (Sept. 17, 2020) ABC

*On Thursday’s “Good Morning America” Alicia Keys thanked essential workers on the frontline of America’s ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with a trio of songs at a safe social distance.

During the event in New York City to honor nurses Charles Alfred and Chinyere Okoro, the 15-time Grammy winner sang a trio of songs, “Good Job” and “Love Looks Better” from her new album, “Alicia,” and her NYC anthem “Empire State of Mind.”

Keys, 39, also spoke about her upcoming album — her first since 2016 — as well as her new book, “More Myself,” which she considers a “companion piece” to the self-titled album, out Friday. She said on GMA, “The book takes you up to today and the music takes you from today on. It’s definitely about all sides of us as people.

“I have so many sides to myself — we all do — and I’ve been embracing that on this music, so you’re going to love it,” she added. “It’s going to take you to many places and many reflections.”

Watch her interview and performances below or view here at

“Good Job” and “Empire State of Mind”

“Love Looks Better”

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