Friday, July 1, 2022

Tichina Arnold is Quarantined … but Making it Cute! (Watch)

*”We’ve been in the house for 24 days!”

But this veteran actress is keeping it quarantined and cute!

Tichina Arnold chatted it up with EUR correspondent Fahnia Thomas yesterday over Zoom about glam, germs and her new Netflix film “The Main Event.”

Q: Are you putting on hair and makeup every day?

TA: Yes, but I’ll skip a day if I’m really working hard. You have to train your body to still do what it did before. You cannot allow quarantine to affect your… hygiene habits [jokingly]!

Q: What are you doing to stay healthy mentally, physically and spiritually during this COVID-19 quarantine?

TA: This may sound really brass and disconnected…I’ve been doing this all my life. I’m a cancer, I’m a germaphobe, and I love being home! I’m in heaven right now. I’m a homebody! I’m reading more books, thank God! I’m reading all of Octavia Butler’s books. I’m starting from the beginning and going all the way through “Seed to Harvest,” “Kindred,” all of it!

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the main event, Tichina Arnold, Seth Carr
‘The Main Event’ with Tichina Arnold, Seth Carr (Photo: Netflix/Bettina Strauss)

Q: Tell us about the vibrant, comedic, intelligent, social media active Grandma you’re playing.

TA: When you see a Black woman on screen, she should make you feel! She should make you feel like, ‘oh, wow! I’m powerful! I am strong!’ No matter if [you’re] watching this grandmother…That’s who we are as Black women. Being 50 years old doesn’t stop me…I’m a little slower than what I used to be but [I can still you know…].

“The Main Event” drops on Netflix April 10.

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the main event
Netflix’s ‘The Main Event’

Arnold plays Denise, a young at heart Grandma, a budding Instagram “influencer,” and a thrift store owner with a flair for fashion.

An avid WWE fan herself, she’s often seen in her Wrestle Mania t-shirt sitting next to her grandson Leo (played by Seth Carr) on the couch to watch every match.

Her spirit is unstoppable and her enthusiasm and humor are contagious. She does whatever she can to impart those traits to her grandchild. After Leo confides in Denise about finding the magical mask, she supports his dream of becoming a WWE Superstar.

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