Monday, August 8, 2022

CBS2 Sports Anchor Jim Hill Accused of Domestic Assault – With His Tongue!

Jim Hill1 - screenshot
Jim Hill – screenshot

*Welp … there’s a chance Jim Hill ‘s TV career could be at the very least shall we say, interrupted.

In case you aren’t familiar with him, he’s that one black dude on CBS2 in LA who sports a 70’s Porn mustache and a very thoroughly combed, perfectly rounded mini-afro.

The former football pro and seasoned sports anchor was recently accused of domestic violence by his longtime partner, Lori Lee.

The incident included a golf club and Hill’s tongue, which he used as a weapon to infect Lee with COVID-19, she claims.

Hill, of course, is denying the claims. Read on for more about that.  So yes, this is the world we live in now.

If Hill is eventually convicted of the charges and found guilty, then his reputation will likely be hit harder than a tackle from Ray Lewis.

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Despite the recent pandemic, we’re still living during a time that’s been particularly volatile between the sexes as dozens of high profile rape and domestic abuse cases seem to be emerging out of the blue.

This could be a huge setback for Hill, who’s NFL pedigree and 30-year broadcasting career have earned him tremendous respect across both industries, and the sports world in general.

It was reported by TMZ Sports that Lee, who is regarded as Hill’s domestic partner, claimed that Hill got violent with her at their Los Angeles home on March 14.

Allegedly, Hill and Lee got into a confrontation about a Bellagio Hotel luggage tag attached to the sportscaster’s golf bag. Apparently, Hill told Lee that he was visiting his sister in Texas, but the Las Vegas luggage tag contradicted his claim. The argument escalated, with TMZ Sports reporting that Lee said Hill raised a golf club “into the air in a baseball stance” shouting, “don’t touch my f**king golf bag!” Lee confirmed that Hill never swung the golf club at her.

But, Lee claimed that Hill used the golf club to pin her against the wall by her neck. She also alleged that Hill licked her during their argument — he claimed that he thought he had the coronavirus, contracting it at a Los Angeles Lakers game that he attended.

TMZ Sports reported that Hill has been issued a restraining order, forcing the sports anchor to move out of their LA house. He is also not allowed to be within 100 yards from Lee or her nephew, who also lives in the house. He has a court date set for April 22.

Hill’s attorney, Linda Savitt, told TMZ Sports that “Jim Hill denies these allegations,” and that “this was a strategic maneuver on the part of Ms. Lee on the eve of a prescheduled mediation to resolve their personal relationship. We understand and anticipate she is withdrawing the allegations.”




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