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TC Carson Reveals He Was Fired From ‘Living Single’ for Speaking Out Against Unfair Cast Treatment [WATCH]

living single cast
‘Living Single’ cast

*TC Carson of “Living Single” fame has opened up about how speaking out against the unfair cast treatment got him fired from the hit comedy series. 

“Living Single” centered on the lives of six friends who share personal and professional experiences while living in a Brooklyn brownstone. The series aired on FOX television network from 1993-1998. 

Carson played Kyle Barker, a character that had an early exit after getting a job in London, last appearing in 1997’s “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore: Part 2 episode, per MadameNoire

During a recent interview with Comedy Hype, the actor revealed that he was forced to quit the show after taking cast grievances to those behind the scenes. 

“I got fired,” Carson admits. “There were times where we had issues on the show. We would come to them as a cast but I would be the spokesperson for it.” 

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Carson continued, “And so, that last season before I left, they called me in and they basically said, ‘Well, all these problems we’ve been having, they listen to you. You’re the person they listen to. So if you said something else, then they would do that.’ I looked at them and said, ‘Well, first of all, we’re dealing with five grown people, and they have their own mindset and own ideas about what we’re doing. Everything we come to you with is a group decision, not my decision. But if you think I have that much power, then I need to have a different job.’ I don’t think they liked that.”

One main issue was how characters were portrayed in the scripts. 

“I think part of it is, even now, if you’re African-American, you shut your mouth and do your job. Don’t ask questions. Be happy that you have a job,” he explained. “My whole time on Living Single, I was happy I had a job, but I understood the importance of the job I had. I understood the importance of what these characters meant to my community. And so when I come to you with a problem, it’s because of that, not because of ego. They looked at it as ego.”

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tc carson
TC Carson

Carson said it was early in Season 5 that his lawyer called and told him that the network wasn’t bringing him back.

“It wasn’t that I got fired, it was the way it was done,” he said. “And then they created Friends and gave them everything,” Carson added.

“Both shows were Warner Bros. shows on Warner Bros. lots. So to watch that, to be on our lot and to watch that, was really kind of a slap in the face,” he said. 

It’s worth noting that “Friends” is a complete rip-off of “Living Single.”

Hear more from T.C. Carson about his exit from the show in the clip above.

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