Monday, May 23, 2022

Get Your VCR ‘Virtual Comic Relief’ What’s That About?

Comedienne Edwonda White & SB Media offer Virtual Comic Relief. Contact: [email protected]

*As the nation copes with a new normal, the artistic community has responded with spontaneous live concerts, online challenges and any number of antics to keep themselves sane and others inspired.

Comedienne Edwonda White, founder of Clean Komedy Explosion has teamed up with SB Media to present VCR, Virtual Comic Relief.

It’s an opportunity to bring Hollywood comics to the airwaves in markets during dayparts where comedy is not usually a part of the format.  The nation is duly entertained via various morning shows under normal circumstances, but these days nothing is normal.

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Comedian Evan Lionel

In order to boost morale, provide inspiration and flirt with the lighter side, Edwonda White, Evan Lionel and EUR’s Jazzy Rita are offering their witty services to radio programmers and producers who want to somehow add comedic flavor to their programs despite the shelter in place sanctions that have swept the country.

Programmers can book their choice of comics or all three and then they will phone in the funny. Email: [email protected] to inquire.

COVID 19 is causing grave repercussions for the globe. When appropriate, VCR is an opportunity to look at the bright side or put a humorous spin on what we’re going through right now.

This is what inspired the launch of Virtual Comic Relief, without breaking the rules of shelter in place.

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Jazzy Rita (LaRita Shelby) finally doing stand up comedy, partners with Edwonda White for VCR- Virtual Comic Relief. Contact: [email protected]

Hopefully, this brainstorm among these three talents will not only bring laughter but also put some good funny folks to work in this ‘anything but normal’ life that we’re living right now.

For booking info contact: [email protected] 

Click to see comic reels: Edwonda White, Evan Lionel and Jazzy Rita 

CKE & SB Media extends great gratitude to medical & service workers and condolences to families who have suffered loss.






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