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The Real: Shhhhh, Don’t Tell Anybody, but Tamera is LOUD During Sex – WATCH



Tamara Housley1

On Thursday, March 26, on an all-new The Real, the ladies discuss why most people feel obligated to share their relationship statuses on social media.  Co-hosts Loni Love and Jeannie Mai explain why they decided to go public with their respective relationships when they did instead of keeping them private.

And, when is the right time to voice your expectations regarding sex after entering into a new relationship? Loni prefers to get the topic out into the open pretty quickly and gives an example of how she thinks that conversation should go. Meanwhile, Jeannie and co-host Adrienne Houghton would rather see what their new partner has to offer in the bedroom first!

And, co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley confesses she can be so loud in bed that her husband Adam often has to assist her in containing her boisterous outbursts. Surprisingly, his actions have the opposite effect!

Why Loni & Jeannie Decided To Share Their Relationships On Social Media When They Did

Jeannie Mai: I would have loved to stay private about my current relationship. But, it became, um, it became weird to have to bob and weave and hide.

Loni Love: Mmhm.

Jeannie: Something that’s happening that’s so organic and natural.

Loni: Right.

Tamera Mowry-Housley: Yeah.

Jeannie: So, we were actually dating for a whole year and then we went public. So, people flipped out because it felt too soon too quick.

Loni: Yeah. And they don’t know because they– it ain’t none of their business!

Jeannie:  ‘Cause they don’t know. Right!


Jeannie: (To Loni) How long did you wait before you shared James?

Loni: It’s what, what, about a year.

Tamera: A year.

Jeannie: A year. So, you guys did the same thing that we did.

Loni: Yeah, it was like a year. But, it’s like…

Jeannie: Did– When you guys went– When you guys went out in public… (To Tamera) Sorry, Tam. I just wanna ask this. (To Loni) When you went out in public were you afraid fans would see you and catch you with James? And then… get pictures?

Loni: No.  No, it wasn’t even about that. It’s my business!

Jeannie: Right. Right.

Loni: Social media, to me, is not my life…

Jeannie: So, you didn’t even hide it.

Loni: It’s a part of my life. But, it’s not my life….

Tamera: But, did you tell…

Loni:  I’m not about to let nobody, no stranger, control my relationship and tell me something.

(The Real audience applauds)

Tamera: I understand that. I understand that. Did you tell your…

Adrienne Houghton: But, at some point you did. So, why?

Loni: Well, because the fact is, you know, I’m on a show. It’s something different. I’m talking about, if I was private I probably would have never out him on… until I got married… if I get married…

Tamera: Would you tell some of your friends?

Loni: I’m not saying I’m married. I’m not…

Adrienne: I heard “If”. I heard “If”.

Tamera: Loni, I have a question.

Adrienne: Never heard that before.

Tamera: I have a question. I have a question.

Loni: And, more importantly… let me tell you what happened. My E.P. ran into a party with me. It was Dr. Drew’s party, and I didn’t know that she was gonna be there. I would never had James to come.

Tamera: So, that was my question for you. Did you not even tell some of your friends? Your mom?

Loni: No, my friends knew.

Tamera: Okay, they knew.

Loni: But you guys, you know, you all summer. So, in Summer we don’t really contact each other.

Jeannie: That’s the same thing that…

Loni: So, all this was going– (To Jeannie) yes. Thank you!

Jeannie: When Malika took the picture at my birthday party and posted it, we were so bummed about that ‘cause…

Adrienne: Who told you about it?

Jeannie: Who told? (To Adrienne) Did you?

Adrienne: Yes!

Jeannie: Wait! Wait! Wait! You did! Oh my God!

Loni: See?

Jeannie: Yo! That’s right! Oh my God! And…

Adrienne: I said, “Yo, Jeannie, there’s a picture up on Instagram and I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to be there!”

Jeannie: And I checked… and I checked, like, The Shade Room…

Tamera: Who posted it?

Adrienne: Malika!

Tamera: Oh!

Jeannie: And I saw it up…

Loni: The Shade Room got it and they were basically… outted.

(The Real audience applauds)

Jeannie: (Runs over to Adrienne and hugs her) Friend! You’re a real one! Oh my God! I totally forgot! Thank you!

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THE REAL is a live daily, one-hour, two-time NAACP Image Award-winning and Emmy-nominated talk show now in its sixth season on Fox Television Stations and in national syndication (check local listings), with a rebroadcast on cable network Bounce. The bold, diverse and outspoken Emmy Award-winning hosts, Adrienne Houghton, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai, Tamera Mowry-Housley and Amanda Seales, all frankly say what women are actually thinking. Their unique perspectives are brought to life through candid conversations about their personal lives, current events, beauty, fashion and relationships (nothing is off limits). Unlike other talk shows, THE REAL hosts are admittedly a “work in progress,” and fearlessly invite viewers to reflect on their own lives and opinions. Fresh points of view, youthful energy and passion have made THE REAL a platform for multicultural women. Produced by Telepictures Productions and distributed by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution, THE REAL is led by Executive Producer, Rachel Miskowiec (Good Morning America, Katie, The Tyra Banks Show, Judge Hatchett, The Ricki Lake Show) and shot in Los Angeles, California.

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“In the Orlando bubble, Anthony Davis proved he is one of the game’s most complete and dominant two-way players,” Pelinka said of the big man. “Now, Lakers fans get to watch AD continue to grow and lead our franchise for years to come. This is truly a blessed moment for Lakers Nation.”

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Lynn Whitfield dress4a - 4-A5476-AF-766-C-4070-AEE0-E086182-DB9-DE

Lynn Whitfield dress1 - 4-A5476-AF-766-C-4070-AEE0-E086182-DB9-DE

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Here’s how she captioned the video:

“I made this skirt In this time of staying in, I’ve been feeling a passion to make things as I see them… as I imagine them… as I design them to be. Maybe in some intimate way, I can shape what my world would look like, feel like, even in the simple exercise of making a holiday skirt.

“In part it’s nostalgic… The women in my family were always preparing for some event, big or small, and they loved it… Mardi Gras, Easter, Christmas… It didn’t need to be expensive but it always had to be beautiful. The women in my family love a good skirt!

“Making my holiday skirt… this felt like something new for me to explore… a hands-on expression of myself through fashion. It was grounding to imagine and design something as I saw it. And I love it… #xoLynnWhitfield”

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Lynn Whitfield dress4 - 4-A5476-AF-766-C-4070-AEE0-E086182-DB9-DE

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