Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sewer Pipes Clogging Up in New Orleans As Residents Flush with Toilet Paper Alternatives

Empty toilet paper shelves

*Down in New Orleans, and no doubt other cities, they’re having issues with toilet paper shortages due (to hoarding) and it’s leading to clogged sewer pipes.

That’s because, as you’ve probably concluded, residents are using non-flushable paper and other items (such as cut-up t-shirts) instead of toilet paper.

The Sewerage & Water Board, according to says it has been dealing with more sewer backups than normal and urged residents to “think before they flush.”

“As a reminder, only human waste and toilet paper are flushable,” an S&WB spokeswoman said. “Baby wipes, paper towels, and even ‘flushable’ wipes may clog your sewer line and cause overflows.”

Meanwhile, the Jefferson Parish sewerage officials are telling the same story for their jurisdiction. Residents living in apartments and other concentrated areas need to be especially careful.

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The sewage backup issues come as no surprise as grocers in New Orleans and other areas around the country have struggled in recent weeks to keep toilet paper in stock. Before stores have started to clamp down, shoppers at Walmart and other outlets have been seen filling entire carts with the toilet paper packages that have been placed on shelves.

Others seeking the household staple have had to go without. The scenario has led to physical fights in some stores, and now, to sewer backups.

Ironically, speaking of toilet paper, COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, causes fever, difficulty breathing, and cough. Early research showed the new strain did not produce diarrhea or other digestive issues which of course would produce an extra need for toilet paper. Newly released research shows such symptoms were the main complaint in nearly half of coronavirus patients admitted to hospitals in China’s Hubei province.

For other patients, the disease has proven fatal. The death toll across the globe has topped 11,000 and climbing, while over half a million more have been infected.



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