Saturday, August 13, 2022

Houston Native Coline Creuzot Talks Music, COVID-19 Hacks and More

*Singer and Sony ATV songwriter, Coline Creuzot spoke with us about her early start with music, her creative process in singing and songwriting, as well as and COVID-19 hacks.

Creuzot was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Growing up she knew she was musically inclined. Her parents enrolled her in dance classes which is where she developed her love for performing. The singer started singing in her single digits and hasn’t stopped since.

“Throughout the years I was in several different girl groups, in the choir at school and found that music was really therapeutic for me and the writing process, as well.”

When asked who her musical influences are, she shared a few of the greats, as well as new age artists, inspire her musically.

“I love a little bit of everything from Donny Hathaway and Sam Cooke. To Beyoncé, Jazmine Sullivan, Roddy Ricch. I love all genres of music… There’s something special and unique about each genre.”

The everyday grind can be up and down. A lot of no’s and not enough yesses. However, the songwriter feels her passion for music motivates her to continue on her journey.

“I feel like God gave me a gift and it is my responsibility to use it to the best of my ability.”

Creuzot’s positive mindset has aided her success as she currently holds the 20th spot on the Billboard charts for her single “You Tried It.”

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Coline’s creative process consists of many things. In fact, she uses any moment of her day to draw inspiration from.

“Sometimes I’m sleeping and a melody pops in my head, a song idea. Sometimes I could be watching a movie or having a conversation with friends… and it sparks something for me. Then sometimes I go into the studio with a producer or other writers and we just listen to tracks or play music and become inspired that way.”

The singer admires the work of a few well-known names in the industry such as producer, Happy Perez and songwriter, Sam Hook. She released a single called “Truth Is” late last year featuring rapper, Trina which did well.

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Today’s use of technology has allowed many to utilize and share their talents. It has even inspired those who may feel they have “no talent” to discover their talents. Currently, the world is heavily impacted and under specific quarantine orders due to COVID-19. Many creatives especially are lacking creativity at this time. Creuzot shared going outside and getting fresh air will help reignite those ideas.

“Exercise definitely helps me. Whether it’s running the stairs or going to take a quick walk or doing a workout via an app on your phone.”

She also added she and her family have joined the Tik Tok bandwagon and have been finding the experience to be fun and entertaining.

The Texas Southern dancers curated the #YouTriedItChallenge alongside her single and has been getting great feedback. Creuzot shared she’s still getting familiar with the dance moves herself and encourages everyone on all platforms to participate.

The songwriter has shared the stage with chart-topping artists such as Drake, Keysha Cole, TI and was on the “BET Music Matters Tour” with J. Cole and Elle Varner. Creuzot plans to drop her EP this summer and hopes to share tour dates with everyone soon.

You can continue to follow Coline on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook @ColeneCreuzot.




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