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In These Unprecedented Times We Talked Mental Health With Sterling K. Brown

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Sterling K Brown

*Recently, we had the opportunity to chat anxiety and mental health with two-time Emmy Award-winning actor, Sterling K. Brown, who currently stars in NBC’s Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated drama series, THIS IS US. In these unprecedented times, now more than ever people are tuning into shows to pass their time. What has also become apparent is the need to focus on our mental health and our ability to get through these anxious times.

Sterling, like his “TIU”character Randall Pearson, acknowledges that there is often the thought that you “deal with your own stuff. Yes, the world is hard and sh*t ain’t easy for nobody. So, why are you trying to act like you need special help for this[head stuff]?”  He goes on to say that “hopefully that idea, of having to deal with your mental health alone, will be something that you don’t think you have to do anymore.”  Communicate. Get it out. He says we “hold on to so much, so frequently, that it builds and builds and it can come out it really negative ways. But, if you have an appropriate outlet to say this is what is on my heart, my mind, my soul, hopefully, the pressure will alleviate a little bit, so you can continue with your day.”

Sterling K. Brown went on to talk about how he has a great support system, including his best friend, who lives in St. Louis, whom he talks to everyday.  He also said he’s had his own experience with therapy and he’s “found it to be, beyond beneficial as an individual and as a married person.  Even when things are good within marriage, sometimes you need an objective eye to be like, ‘y’all just missing each other’, just a little bit.”

Often times, it’s not about the “fix,” it’s about the ability to share your truth, without someone judging you. Listening is so important, especially, now that we are all quarantined in our homes with our loved ones, or even by ourselves. When you actively listen Sterling says, “you stay present in the moment.”

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We learned that Mr. Brown had no idea he was going to be an actor.  He said “similar to the stigma that can be associated with mental health, there is a stigma associated with wanting to be an actor.”  People would ask him, “What are you going to do? Wear tights and quote Shakespeare or something like that?” But, he fell in love with acting, even after going to Stanford and thinking he was going to be an Economics major.  He once wrote on a college essay, “I am going to own one of every fast-food chain, so I can constantly be in competition with myself, so there is no losing.” But, it shifted for him.  He realized that money was important, but it wasn’t the end all be all.  He wanted to also maximize his own joy which would contribute to his mental well being. Acting gave him that.

Sterling K. Brown went on to talk about how he sees himself like a lamp. He tries to be the type of individual that lifts the energy of a room up, instead of bringing it down.  He joked, we all know that one person, where you’re sitting there and here comes so and so. Oh Lord.  Here he comes and the whole energy in the room shifts.  Sterling K. Brown joked, “Hey George!,” he’s not trying to be like George!  He wants to be able to be in the company of anyone, and bring the energy and light up in that space.  Hence, the “lamp” reference.

When asked what his favorite song is, he lovingly referred to the time he was courting his now-wife, Ryan, in high school and his go-to was “Let’s Chill” by Guy.  Which is appropriate in all the right ways!  We are all chilling at home.  We all need to chill out and listen to the experts.  We need to chill without anxiety.  We need to chill and deal with our mental well beings and we are all obviously going to chill with the season finale of THIS IS US!

For more info on THIS IS US from NBC, click HERE.



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