Monday, January 25, 2021

O.J. Simpson Pleads with Golf Courses Not to Close During Coronavirus Pandemic [WATCH]


*O.J. Simpson says he’ll “go crazy” in self-isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic, so he is pleading with golf courses nationwide to stay open, despite government officials taking steps to limit person-to-person contact.

“You don’t really get that close to one another on a golf course,” Simpson said. “And, I think for some of the older guys that golf as their only exercise, I think it’s gonna hurt them if you start closing all the golf courses.”

“I’m just saying, and if you do close them, you better open up some insane asylum, get me a bed because I know if I can’t play golf for the next month, I’ma go crazy.”

Simpson also didn’t seem too happy that one of the golf courses he played at on Wednesday was closing because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Check out the clips below.

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In a video posted to Twitter on Tuesday, Simpson, 72, described a recent trip to the doctor where he was treated for all known symptoms of COVID-19, but O.J. thought he had the common flu. Simpson said he was in bed for days and took steroids and antibiotics. The doctor never diagnosed him with COVID-19, but he and his friends are conviced he contracted the potentially fatal virus. 

“It’s funny how many other people told me they went through the same thing. We are convinced now it was corona,” Simpson said. “And the big question that I have, that my friends have, is can you get it again? Can you reinfect? No one seems to have a clear answer about it. It is so confusing.”

Meanwhile, Simpson says if the golf courses are shut down, … “Get me a bib. I know if I can’t play golf for the next month, I’m going to go crazy. I’m just saying.”


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