Thursday, January 21, 2021

EUR Guest Editorial by John Hairston: Coronavirus/Let’s Take A Time Out!

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*I want to call for all of us to take a time out for a minute on the political battles that have been breaking out on our Facebook pages and beyond lately. we need to all join together to fight this much larger war we’ve been thrown into, it’s more than just a battle for some, we are all involved now.

We should all keep in mind that there is no such thing as a “Lib turd” or “Rethuglican” or Liberal or Conservative, black or white, Hispanic, Latino, Asian, Caribbean, African, etc.. While the labels and names are catchy or even somewhat appealing depending on what side you might prefer, it’s starting to get a bit out of hand and some people need to get a grip on all sides. We are all human beings first and foremost!! Let’s start there.

Please, Let’s not lose our humanity over politics and prejudice as so many of us seem to be doing lately. We need to return some “common” sense into the equation. We are still one nation (no, not the song) but one nation under God, “The United States” and we are (hopefully) in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

No matter how it started or even who started it or where it originated, or even if it actually exists (as believed by some anti-media pundits). Regardless of how it originated, we all now have to deal with it. How we react to it and how we all help each other out will help to greatly determine how quickly it leaves or if it drags on indefinitely.

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When we begin to fight amongst ourselves, we also are engaged in a self-inflicted war!, We must begin to think with more rational heads. We can stop the panic, the hoarding, and the hating. We all have certain common values, on International, national, state and local levels. We’ve never faced this kind of pandemic in our lifetimes, so it will take some major adjustments to our usual way of doing things, but let’s take a breath and chill out a bit. We can handle this!

We all need to remember our family members, elders, young people, and our loved ones. Some of these people may very well be on the other side of the political fence and that’s really ok. We also need to protect our loved ones and those we interact with on so many levels.

We are all entitled to our opinions, like A-Holes, everyone has one and they all stink from time to time if you don’t wash them! Sorry to get that gross, but this theme deals with things we all have “In Common” I just also hope to get your attention on the most basic level.

Let’s remember that our lives, live all over the world, are at stake and we all must keep living in a civilized society. No matter what side of the fence we may be on.

Please stop rushing to the stores and threatening each other. Countless videos are popping up of people fighting over toilet paper and bottled water. Why? Stores are changing their operating hours to try to accommodate the rush. There is no shortage of these items, the only thing clearing the shelves out nation-wide stems from fear and some greed coming out of our most basic human instincts of self-preservation and war-time mentalities.

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STOP THE MADNESS and the shortages will STOP almost immediately!! Can’t we really live with just our usual supply of TP and bottled water and hand sanitizer?

Let’s look at our common enemy, no its not Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders or even Joe Biden. This invisible enemy that’s already killed some of our fellow human beings and still threatens countless more! We as citizens of planet earth must join forces to co-operate with each other and kill the virus before we let it kill us with our own fears, panic, weakened immune systems and our own prejudices and hatred towards our fellow citizens. This is a time for intelligence and yes unity among all of us all who call ourselves human! We, members of the media, must also be more responsible in our reporting and stop the over-sensationalizing of our situations to one up each other.

Who would have thought that WW3 may start as a virus and a chemical war conflict that could result in war all over the planet!!. Let’s nip this in the bud now before we have to find out if this in fact is the dawn of WW3!! We can all collectively nix it now and say enough we are not having it! Let’s all send it back to the pits of hell or wherever it may have originated from! Down here in Texas we have a saying: “Don’t mess with Texas!” I would like to expand on that a bit and say: “Don’t mess with the USA!!”

When we chant USA!! USA!! USA!! it should stand for more than an Olympic chant every two or four years. It should also serve as a rallying cry for national unity at this time.

Let’s focus on working together to get rid of our common enemy we are calling the Corona virus or the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) or whatever they choose to call it. It’s now a world wide pandemic and it will take an unprecedented world wide co-operation to stop this pandemic in it’s tracks!! Let’s listen to the medical experts, and also do your part and wash your hands often and help care for the sick, elderly, young, and infirmed. They are all part of us, lord willing we will all be elderly one day.

We can pick up our usual political divisions, racial hatred and election rivalries, at a later, more convenient time…. or maybe never. Lord willing we’ll have more time to figure it out by then. Peace to all humans! Death to this virus!!

Best Regards to all!


John Hairston,
Citizen of Planet Earth 2020
Owner Hairston Radio Concepts
San Antonio, TX
[email protected]

A side note:

John Hairston is a native of Cleveland/Shaker Heights,OH. He is a graduate of Hampton University. John Hairston has served over 30 years in the radio industry. He is currently a radio programing consultant. He has previously served in positions including Radio Air Personality, Reporter, and News Director. He has graced the airwaves in cities including Hampton, VA; Virginia Beach/Norfolk, VA, Cleveland, OH, Columbus, OH and San Antonio, TX. He currently owns two online radio stations. He is based in San Antonio, TX.




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