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THE REAL: All New! Adrienne Admits to Overwhelming Stage Fright AND Rapsody Performs!

*On Wednesday, March 18, on an all-new The Realthe ladies discuss the tasks they are good at but hate doing.

Co-host Adrienne Houghton admits that she absolutely hates performing due to her overwhelming stage fright.

As an example, she reveals the panic attacks she would experience before taking the stage as “The Flamingo” on The Masked Singer.

And, how do you handle loud neighbors? Co-host Amanda Seales describes the time she politely dealt with a mysterious neighbor who was “very expressive” while having a “good time”.

Then, Rapsody stops by to talk about the growing popularity of female rappers, the obligation she feels to address social issues in her music and to perform “Afeni” from her recent album Eve.

Adrienne Suffers From Overwhelming Stage Fright When She Performs

Adrienne Houghton: The only thing I think I’m somewhat good at but I absolutely hate would be singing and performing.

Tamera Mowry-Housley: What?!

Amanda Seales: What?!

Jeannie Mai: You really hate, hate?

Adrienne: So, so, this is the thing….

Amanda: The Flamingo fooled us!

Adrienne: I, I absolutely love to s– I love to sing. I hate the nervousness that I feel– like, I would…

Loni Love: Oh.

Adrienne: … sign myself up for something, i.e. doing The Masked Singer

(The Real audience applauds)

Adrienne: And then minutes before… I’m in my whole– I’m in the whole damn thing and they’re like, “It’s time for The Flamingo.” And I waddle my way out there, and yo low key, before I would perform every single time I, bible, would be like, “Um, my hands are going numb. Should we call a paramedic? Should– like, should I say I can’t do it?

Tamera: Oh no.

Adrienne: No, it was really, really bad. And then I would recognize, “Oh my gosh, there is a multi-million dollar production happening there, like, you’ve signed paperwork, you have to do this.”

Jeannie: Can’t stop the show.

Adrienne: But every time I would have to do a performance, it didn’t matter if last week was phenomenal and everybody said it was great…

Tamera: Oh, so, it wouldn’t get better.

Adrienne: No. Every single time it was still…

Amanda: Stage fright.

Adrienne: It was stage fright. It was still…

Amanda: Where did it come from?

Adrienne: Yo, I don’t know. Like…

Loni: How’d you get over it? Like what made you go out there?

Adrienne: You just have to force yourself.

Jeannie: And it’s only in singing. ‘Cause you don’t get it when you are Adrienne. You only get it when you’re singing.

Adrienne: Yeah. No, I don’t have stage fright in general. Granted, I used to have panic attacks sometimes when reading prompter live on television and I would have to tell myself…

Jeannie: You did!

Adrienne: I would literally have to tell myself, “You’re totally fine. There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s okay. You’re breathing okay.” I would get, like, anxiety.

Amanda: So, what do you tell yourself when you’re in The Flamingo costume?

Adrienne: I would literally– I know this sounds insane. I would, like, pray and I would be like, “God like you’re–“, and I continue — somebody once told me that if you’re still breathing, you can’t die. Like, you’re not gonna die if you’re s–. No, I know it sounds stupid, but for anybody out there who’ experienced a bad anxiety attack, you’re like, “Oh, bitch, I’m still breathing! We gon’ make it. It’s gonna be okay. Just, just get though it!”

(The Real audience applauds)

Adrienne: So, I just needed to live to get through it and it wasn’t so much about, oh, I sound or don’t sound bad. It was like, survive. And that was it.



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