Monday, March 1, 2021

Michael Jordan’s Father’s Murderer (Larry Demery) is Up for Parole

Larry Demery1
Larry Demery

*We can only wonder how Michael Jordan is processing this, but one of the two men involved in the murder of his father is being considered for parole.

It was back in 1996 that Larry Demery was convicted of the first-degree murder of James Jordan.

In July of 1993, Jordan had been sleeping in his Lexus at a rest stop off Highway 74 in Robeson County when Demery and another man, Daniel Green, approached the car and fatally shot Jordan. His body was dumped off a bridge in South Carolina.

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Like a lot of brothas, Michael Jordan affectionately called his father, “Pops.” In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, when she asked if he wanted to know the reason Larry and Daniel targeted his “Pops,” he said this:

“I’m a very optimistic person in the sense that I don’t look at the real bad part of it. I looked at it that no matter what happened to my father, he’s not here…I don’t want to know. Because it probably would hurt me even more just to know their reasons. Because if it is, it’s going to be totally meaningless for the reasons…It’s better that I don’t know.”

It is unclear whether or not Daniel Andre Green will be eligible for the same parole program.

Demery was almost 18 when the murder happened. Three years later he was sentenced to life in prison. He is now 44 years old.

Interestingly, North Carolina’s current sentencing law, referred to as structured sentencing, eliminates parole for crimes committed after October 1, 1994. Because Demery was sentenced under previous guidelines, he can be considered for parole.

The sentencing law is covered by the state’s Mutual Agreement Parole Program (MAPP). Here is what the North Carolina Department of Public Safety says is the function of the program:

“The MAPP is designed to prepare selected inmates for release through structured activities, scheduled progression in custody levels, participation in community based programs and established parole dates.”



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