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EURweb Covers the BET ‘Boomerang’ Season 2 Premiere – WATCH

*BET’s hit series “Boomerang” is back for season 2!

The show follows Simone who is the daughter of Marcus Gram. For those that don’t know, “Boomerang” is a spin-off of the 90s classic theatrical film of the same name.

Marcus Gram was an arrogant womanizing advertising executive and his past now affects his daughter. In season two Simone is dealing with the aftermath of her father’s inappropriate behavior towards women.

Plus she’s dealing with a breakup. This would be a time where your friends would rally around you but when you date within the friend group it can make things very complicated 

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Tetona Jackson
Tetona Jackson being interviewed by LMarie

EURweb correspondent LMarie attended the premiere of “Boomerang” and spoke with the cast about how their characters are handling the drama and what else fans can expect in the second season. 

“What you see in season two is them trying to reconcile what everything looks like going forward.” Says Brittany Inge referring to Simone and Bryson’s break up. Writer and producer Dime Davis shared that fans will get to see more of the personal lives of the friends of Simone and Bryson unlike in season one, which was mostly centered around the couple. 

“Last season was very much the Bryson and Simone show. We wanted to start this season with the question of what happens when two core members break up,” says Dime Davis.  

The writers and producers are also tackling a few controversial topics such as bisexuality among black men. Last season touched on Leland Martin’s character Ari’s sexuality but will get more in-depth this season. 

“Now you’ll see more of my story,” said Leland.

Season 2 of “Boomerang” is expected to give fans the unexpected. Make sure you tune in Wednesdays at 10/9c on BET for season 2 of “Boomerang.”  



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