Monday, June 14, 2021

Atlanta Woman Survives Car Accident, Dies in ‘Freak Accident’ After Utility Pole Falls on Her

Keisha Edwards

*A young Atlanta woman is making headline after losing her life in what officials are referring to as a “very freak accidental death.”

Keisha Edwards passed away last week (03-04-20) after a utility pole came crashing down while she was standing on the side of the road following a car accident, per PEOPLE.

The 26-year-old and a male friend were involved in a car accident but suffered no injuries. After exiting the car, however, they were involved in another incident when an elderly woman hit a utility pole, causing it to snap in half and fall on Edwards, her friend, and another driver who stopped to help them, the report states.

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Keisha Edwards

“When the pole broke it became a pendulum, swung and hit the three people, killing Keisha,” Muscogee County Coroner Buddy Bryan tells PEOPLE. “This is a very freak accidental death.”

“Basically, it was a one-car accident — car vs. pole — and everything you would want to happen happened,” said Columbus Police Lt. Lance Deaton, according to CBS affiliate WBRL. “All the right things. They appeared to be okay, someone stopped to help.”

Edwards’ friend suffered a broken leg from the incident, while the helpful passerby had a broken foot.

At this time, it is currently unclear what caused the elderly woman to drive her car into the utility pole and whether she will face charges for Edwards’ death.

Following the news of her death, several of Edwards’ loved ones noted their heartbreak on social media.

“Rest In Peace my partner Keisha Edwards. Man, I just did your hair. We just had a conversation about life,” wrote one user. “My partner and crime in high school. Lord you gained a real one ”

“2020 has been filled with so many hardships and losses.  Rest well, Keisha Edwards.” another added.

“Keisha Edwards you will truly be missed, love. Your spirit, your silliness, your energy, your 4 ft tall self ? … Please Lord be a fence around this family,” a third wrote. 


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