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Happy ‘House Party’ 30th Anniversary (My Story) by Bowlegged Lou aka Pee Wee of House Party – VIDEO

*What’s up, everyone! It’s yours truly, Bowlegged Lou of Full Force & one of the co-stars of the movie classic HOUSE PARTY, which was first released 30 years ago, yesterday, March 9, 1990.

Wow, who would have thought when we first started doing this movie that it would become a classic that’s played over and over all around the world to this day?

We send out tremendous props, thanks and appreciation to Reggie & Warrington Hudlin (The Hudlin Brothers) for casting me & my beloved brothers Paul Anthony & B-Fine in the House Party movie 30 years ago. Reggie Hudlin directed and wrote the movie and his brother Warrington Hudlin produced it.

It all started for us when we were simply mentioned as a description in Reggie’s original script where it said, “They get accosted & bullied by 3 Jheri curl thugs with muscle-bound physiques, sort of like Full Force.

It was suggested to Reggie that he should get in touch with the Full Force Brothers which he did & the rest was history. The 3 of us auditioned & did some improvisations just so Reggie & Warrington could see that we had chemistry.

I majored in theater in college but before that, I used to write simple little short plays for me & my brothers to act in at home as our parents & family members would be our audience. Our chemistry was always cohesive amongst each other since we were kids & we were so proud that it transferred to the big screen as well.

HP - House Party - poster

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Fast forward… Los Angeles to do our first table read with the entire cast which included Kid and Play, Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, AJ Johnson, Robin Harris, Daryl Chill Mitchell, Eugene Groove Allen, John Witherspoon, George P- Funk Clinton and the Hudlin Brothers.

It was a great table read except when we got back to our hotel apartments I told my brothers I wanted us to rewrite our parts and give ourselves more personality which is what we did but of course we had to get permission and show our suggestions to the Hudlin Brothers.

I came up with my own crazy high pitch voice for my character of Pee Wee and then me and my brothers changed up most of our dialogue which included me making up the catchphrase, “I’m gonna kick some fuckin’ asssss and I smell I smell I smell pussy!!

HP - bfine - paul anthony - bowlegged lou

My brother Paul Anthony aka Stab made up the rap rhyme, “You run around town like a punk in heat, me and my boys can’t be beat, wherever you go we can smell you like gas and we’re going to kick some freakin assssss. My brother B-Fine aka Zilla came up with memorable one-liners such as “This punk motherfucker thrownin’ shit at us” & “head like a rocket stick your finger in the socket punk motherfucker name Kid!!

The Hudlin Brothers gave us the green light to do most what we wanted to do as far as dialogue after we presented them our ideas of what we wanted to do. Most of what you see on screen is the result of me and my brothers’ creative chemistry and we thank the Hudlin Brothers for allowing us to do our thing. And so what, we played high school students that got left back a hundred times, okay? Hahaha.

And being that Full Force is a 6 member group of vocalists musicians songwriters and producers which included our three cousins Baby Gerry, Shy Shy and Curt-t-t, we were fortunate to have our song that we recorded entitled “Ain’t My Type Of Hype” be the main focal song of the movie during the dance battle between Kid & Play and Sidney & Sharane played by Tisha Campbell and AJ Johnson.

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HP - Swizz alicia full force

It was such a great time on the set as we forged great friendships and I’m proud to say that I communicate with everybody in the cast to this day. Another great House Party memory was a few years ago when Swizz Beats threw a surprise pajama jammy Jam birthday House Party for his wife Alicia Keys and we all showed up at their estate and performed for her and their guests to their surprise. Performances that evening by Kid and Play, The Full Force Brothers with Tisha Campbell and AJ Johnson who recreated their House Party dance routine.

HP - tisha kid bl aj

Also: some noted facts … Reggie Hudlin originally wrote the movie to star Groove B Chill a/k/a Daryl Mitchell and Eugene Allen in the Kid and Play roles with their DJ Belal to be a part of the movie as well. Reggie worked with them during a music video when the guys were on Uptown records. They formed a relationship while they gave Reggie some House Party ideas when Reggie was greenlit to do that movie. The movie studio wanted some more well-known actors than Groove B Chill to star. Reggie thought of Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff, but they weren’t well known at the time and then when Reggie was flipping channels he started seeing a lot of Kid and Play videos. The rest is history. It was also a dream come true for The Hudlin Brothers to cast 1 of their music heroes George P- Funk Clinton as the old skool DJ. Oh yeah, one more fun fact. Singer Marsha Ambrosius was a House Party extra, too.

As we celebrate this 30th anniversary, we’ll always remember the great talents of the late Robin Harris and John Witherspoon who rocked in House Party as well.

Happy 30th Anniversary to the cast and crew of the forever classic movie, “House Party.”

HP - Robin Harris

HP - John witherspoon bow legged lou

HP - PA Darryl Chill Bow Lou

HP - Kid & Play & Lou

HP - bow lou Martin Lawrence

HP - Bowlegged Lou





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