Saturday, November 27, 2021

LA Activist Najee Ali Slams L.A. BLM’s Melina Abdullah for ‘Irresponsible’ Protest at DA’s Home

Najee Ali - Melinda Abdullah
Najee Ali – Melinda Abdullah

*We wouldn’t exactly call it black activist on black activist crime, but civil rights activist Najee Ali is killin’ Black Lives Matter activist Melina Abdullah with his criticism of their recent protest outside L.A. County District Attorney Jackie Lacey’s home.

Ali straight up says it was “one of the dumbest and [most] irresponsible acts of activism in Los Angeles history.”

As we reported earlier, on the morning of March 2,  the day before the primary election, in which Lacey is running for re-election, Abdullah and other Black Lives Matter activists gathered for a 5 a.m. protest outside her (Lacey’s) house.

That, as far as  Ali is concerned, was a bad move which should not have happened as he wrote about in his recent LA Wave column:

“Now I don’t support any homeowner answering the door and pointing a gun at protesters, but I also don’t support anyone harassing someone at their home at 5:30 in the morning,” Ali wrote. “As much as I detest Lacey’s policies with her support of the death penalty and failure to prosecute law enforcement officers for shooting unarmed African-American young men, I certainly don’t support anyone coming onto someone’s private property and harassing them.”

He noted that the LA Black Lives Matter members have a pattern of intimidating public figures.

“Black Lives Matter wants to portray its members as peaceful, but the facts are Abdullah and other Black Lives Matter members and supporters have engaged in several public acts of intimidation of city and religious leaders in recent years.”

Video recorded by the unarmed protesters, which has since gone viral, showed Lacey’s husband David standing in the doorway, holding a gun and saying, “Get off of my porch. I will shoot you … We’re calling the police right now.”

The bottom line, as far Ali is concerned, is that all the ill-advised protest will end up helping Lacey get re-elected, instead of hurting her chances.

“It gave Lacey valuable free airtime on all the news channels who covered her press conference live the day before the election and without question Lacey got the sympathy votes and anyone who was still undecided,” he wrote.

Speaking of the election, as of this posting, Lacey is leading her two challengers after the March 3 primary. She needs 50 percent of the vote to avoid a runoff in November.

In fact, at this point, it’s looking like she’ll avoid a runoff because according to the county clerk’s office, Lacey currently has exactly 50% of the vote. Former San Francisco prosecutor George Gascón has 27.44% and public defender Rachel Rossi is in third place with 22.56%.




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