Monday, April 19, 2021

Lyfe Jennings Defends Criticism Over Eva Marcille Changing Daughter’s Last Name

Lyfe Jennings Doubles Down On Eva Marcille

*Singer Lyfe Jennings has decided to make Eva Marcille’s business his business by slamming her decision to change her daughter’s last name to that of her husband’s.

Fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” recently witnessed Marcille and hubby Michael Sterling going through the process of changing her daughter Marley’s last name from the child’s biological dad’s name to ‘Sterling.’ 

As fans know, Eva and her ex-boyfriend Kevin McCall went through a messy public breakup, and she has made it her mission to omit him from the child’s life altogether. 

Sterling is adopting Marley, and as far as Eva is concerned, she is their first child together (they share two other children). She no longer acknowledges Kevin as the little girl’s father, and Jennings takes issue with this. 

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kevin mccall & eva marcille

He took to Instagram to defend McCall and clap back at critics who slammed him over his comments, Ace Showbiz reports. 

“I said what I said,” he wrote in the now-deleted post. “And ment (sic) it. If he was a drug addict theres still hope for him. If he was in jail theres still hope for him. Never let ANYBODY tell you your (sic) not good enough,” he said.

“To all my loyal fans, your redemption is coming!!!!!” he continued. “F**k what they say. We all fall short sometimes….may all the bridges you break be stacked up and used to stand on to reach the heights God has for you…it ain’t over!!!! I swear it ain’t.”

He went on to urge Kevin to “fight back,” adding “And to the little homie Kevin, get the help u need and fight back for you and yours…we rooting for u….Lyfe.”

Lyfe previously weighed in on Eva’s decision to change her daughter’s last name from McCall to Sterling. 

“I think this is so wack. Changing ya daughters last name from her father’s to somebody else’s. Especially when the father tries to see her,” he commented. “The daughter dont have anything to do with their beef. And what kind of man allows that????? S**t pissed me off. I expected better out of Eva.. s**t personal to me!!! I’ve been there.”

Eva and Kevin split in 2014 after she gave birth to their daughter. She has since accused him of being abusive during their relationship and claims she has to often move around because he stalks her from home to home. 


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