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THE REAL Welcomes Guest Co-Host Tisha Campbell!

*On Thursday, Feb. 27, the ladies of The Real welcome guest co-host Tisha Campbell who talks about raising her sons to become independent in spite both their challenges and advantages.  She is so proud of the outcome- one going to the number one college of his choice and the other voicing his appreciation for the home his mother has made for them! Tisha also chats about her new sitcom Outmatched and the behind-the-scenes antics she shares with her co-star Finesse Mitchell.

The hosts discuss an interview that SNL’s Pete Davidson recently gave justifying the use of his relationship with ex-fiancée, Ariana Grande, as material in his stand-up act. The two touring comediennes at the Girl Chat table, co-hosts Loni Love and Amanda Seales, weigh in with their opinions regarding past and present relationships being fair game to get a laugh.

And in honor of Black History Month, Amanda shares the long and powerful history of “dapping” being used as a greeting within the African American community. Co-host Jeannie Mai recalls the time she shared an awkward dap with actor Johnny Depp and Tisha gives an example of how she avoids uncomfortable greetings, altogether

Tisha Campbell Raised Her Sons to Be Independent. It Worked!

Tisha Campbell: My son, and for those who don’t know, he was diagnosed with autism when he was like about twenty-three months old. I’m trying to keep it together. So, um, for me the biggest thing for me was- once I got the diagnosis, I wanted him to be as independent of me as possible. And, um… I just want to tell you this story recently because…

Loni Love: Go ahead.

Tisha: He- he… his little brother, my baby, my ten year old walks up to him and goes, “Xen, why did you choose to live with Mommy at eighteen?” He was like, “Because she’s preparing me for my life. She’s preparing me for college.” Now, this is a boy who couldn’t talk, okay? He was this kid (flaps her hands). And he said, “She allows me to be more of a man at her house.” And he said… He said, um… Sorry guys.

Loni: It’s okay.

Tisha: He has said, “You know, Zeke… Here, we don’t have maids. We don’t have somebody cleaning up after us. And I can do all of this on my own. I do everything on my own. I open the car door for Mommy. I take care of things around the house. And I take care of stuff.” And he says, “Even though she has the rules, she has stuff outside of that, too.” And then, you know, you wanna be able to raise children, especially in the business that we’re in, that’s not entitled.

Loni: Yeah.

Jeannie Mai: Yes.

Tisha: And you want to be able to know that… it’s a thankless job. Motherhood is a thankless job! It doesn’t matter what job you have, right? And it’s okay! ‘Cause all you really want them to do is survive! And survive in a great way without you!

(The Real audience applauds)


Tisha: (Emotionally) Both my kids are really nice people. So, for him to recognize what I’m trying to do. He was like, “Mommy helps us be independent, Zeke.” And then Zeke turns around to me and he goes, “Mom, you are my safe place.” What ten year old says that to somebody? And…

Adrienne Houghton: That’s amazing. That speaks to how you raised them.

Loni: With a good mother.

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