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Tyler Perry’s Nephew Commits Suicide By Hanging in Prison, Family Ain’t Buying It

Tyler Perry's nephew Gavin

*Tyler Perry’s nephew has reportedly committed suicide in prison, TMZ reports.

Gavin Porter, 26, hanged himself inside his cell at a Louisiana prison. Officials said he used a bedsheet after he was placed in solitary confinement.

But Porter’s family has doubts about the circumstances surrounding his death. Prison officials, meanwhile, claim there was not any foul play, according to TMZ.

via New York Daily News:

Prison authorities reportedly told Porter’s family that he was put into solitary confinement after being involved in a fight with another inmate last weekend. They found him dead at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, about two hours after they had last checked on him, they said.

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Tyler Perry

Porter was sentenced to 20 years after being accused of fatally shooting his biological dad — in front of his mother, in 2016. 

Gavin’s mother is Tyler’s sister Melva.

“There was no one else in the cell at the time he was found dead,’ Sheriff Dusty Gates told RadarOnline, noting  that investigators “do not suspect a homicide at this time.”

As reported by Daily Mail, Perry previously admitted to People magazine that he struggled with suicidal thoughts after suffering years of abuse at the hands of his father.

“If any of it had worked, my attempts to kill myself … I wouldn’t have gotten to the other side of all the horror,’ he said. ‘I believe that to everything there’s an opposite. So for all of that pain and hell, I was going through as a child, there had to be beauty. I tell anyone who is in pain, ‘just keep going. One little step is a step.”

He added, “As I dug into writing and started understanding the motivations of characters, that helped me understand my own behaviors,’ he said. ‘I could untie some of those strings and get to full healing.”

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