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Steven Spielberg ‘Embarrassed’ Over Daughter’s New Career as Sex Worker

Steven Spielberg's daughter

*Steven Spielberg is said to be “embarrassed” that his daughter, Mikaela, is embarking on a career in porn.

When she announced the news last week, Mikaela claimed her famous father was supportive of her decision. But someone close to the family tells Page Six that’s not the case.

In an interview with The Sun, the 23-year-old — who was adopted by the acclaimed filmmaker and wife Kate Capshaw — explains that she is producing her own ‘solo porn videos’ and she hopes to soon secure a job as a stripper in Tennessee, where she lives with her fiancé.

“Outwardly, Steven and Kate — who are the most evolved parents in the world and love their kids beyond all measure — have always been supportive of Mikaela and try to understand her,” a family friend told Page Six. “Obviously, though, they’re embarrassed by her sudden public admission of entry into the sex worker world.”

Mikaela, who is engaged to 47-year-old Chuck Pankow (who many believe is actually her pimp), admits she suffers from borderline personality disorder because she was groomed and sexually abused by “scumbag monsters” outside of her family when she was a child.

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Mikaela Spielberg

According to Page Six’s sources, Spielberg is concerned about how her actions will impact her siblings.

Spielberg told The Guardian in 1999 that part of the reason he and his wife decided to adopt Mikaela was because they “wanted Theo not to be the only black child in the family.”

Theo, 31, is the couple’s adopted son.

Mikaela didn’t mention in the interview what her siblings think of her career as a porn star.

Her oldest sister, Jessica Capshaw, 43, is her mom Kate’s daughter with ex-husband Robert Capshaw. There’s also brother Max, 33, sister Sasha, 29, brother Sawyer, 27, and sister Destry, 23.

“Nothing can hurt Steven Spielberg’s immaculate reputation, nor Kate’s, but they’re worried about how [Mikaela’s revelation] looks for their other kids, who are trying to be supportive but who are also embarrassed,” the source continued. “This certainly isn’t how they were raised.”

The source went on note that Mikaela had a hard time managing the pressures of growing up a Spielberg.

“[Steven and Kate] are friends with many artistic people, and those people are complicated and some have complicated kids. Everybody gets it. Some kids, no matter what advantages — or even because of them — are just lost,” the source speculated. “Maybe Mikaela felt unworthy of her folks, of her name, that she could never live up to it. It’s hard to be the product of parents who are so successful.”

When it comes to her parents, Mikaela told The Sun: “I actually think that once they see how far I’ve come from the bottom I was at a year and a half ago, they’re going to look at this and go, ‘Wow, we actually raised a really self-assured young lady and we’ve raised someone who knows exactly what they want in life and who basically doesn’t let people push her around,'” she told The Sun. “I think they will be supportive possibly even with some security measures in place once they know that I’m doing this out of like this gentle, genuine desire to not survive, but thrive as well.”

While she claims the abuse she suffered was at the hands of pedophiles and child abusers who lived outside her family home, she was careful not to say in the interview that her abusers were part of her parents’ circle of Hollywood friends.

Mikaela admits that the abuse caused her to struggle with anxiety, depression, an eating disorder and near-fatal alcohol abuse.

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